Block 7 - Campus Golf Tournament

Second Saturday Series - Campus Golf Tournament

Rosters Due: Register Here by Friday, April 5, 5:00 pm
Play Begins: 11am on Sunday, April 7
Where: Colorado College Campus - Pickup/Dropoff your scorecard at First Tee - Worner Quad
What: Campus Golf = one golf club (iron) and a tennis ball are used and strokes are counted

Pre-registration is encouraged, but NOT required for Campus Golf. The email address that the captain submits on the official roster form will be used to communicate information prior to the start of the tournament regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures. All equipment necessary to compete in the tournament will be provided by Campus Rec. All outdoor tournaments will be "weather dependent" with the possibility of moving the competition day in the case of inclement weather. 

2024 Block 7 Champion


Charlie Marks 


  • Each participant must select one golf club that will be used for every shot.
  • Using a tennis ball from the first tee, count how many strokes it takes to hit the campus landmark indicated on the scorecard.
  • Once the first hole is completed, use the course map to find the next tee box; drop the tennis ball and count how many strokes it takes to hit the next campus landmark. Continue this process through each hole.
  • Players can not score more than 10 on any one hole. Once a player reaches 10 strokes, they should pick up their ball and move on to the next hole.
  • Any ball that hits onto the concrete or into bushes, flower beds, under a car, etc., will be allowed to be moved laterally or backwards to the nearest grassy area with no penalty. You may also elect to hit the ball where it lies (concrete, mulch, etc.).
  • Players are expected to replace all divots they make during play.
  • Each player is allowed 1 mulligan (a do-over) per round of campus golf.
  • In the case of a tie, a matching scorecard tiebreak will be utilized (best gross of final 4 holes, then final 2 holes, then final hole as necessary).

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