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Outdoor Soccer

Rosters Due: Friday, September 11, 5:00 pmoutdoor soccer
Play Begins: Tuesday, September 22 -- Armstrong West, Armstrong Quad and Slocum Field

The email address that the captain submits on the official roster form will be used to send information regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures at least 48 hours before the start of the sport season. 

The Basics

All outdoor soccer games are played on the Slocum Field, Armstrong West, and Armstrong Quad. League play is organized in accordance with a round robin format scheduling each team to play in an equal number of competitions. Final season rankings will be determined by 1) winning percentage, 2) head to head play, 3) number of forfeits, and/or ties or 4) a tie-breaker. The top teams in each league will advance to a single elimination tournament to determine league champions. All members of the winning team will receive IM Champion t-shirts. 

General organizational rules include the following: The playing field consists of five vs. five with one goalkeeper. The game consists of two 20-minute running halves with a five minute half time. There is NO overtime in the case of a tie during the regular season. During playoffs, however, there will be one 10-minute overtime, followed by one 5-minute sudden death overtime if necessary. 

General playing rules include the following: Substitutions are allowed on the end line during goalkicks and corner kicks. There is no offsides rule. All penalties result in indirect kicks. Sliding is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in a turnover with play restarted with an indirect kick. Punts and goalkicks may not be kicked in the air over the midfield line. All Outdoor Soccer rules may be found in the IM Rules folder. 

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. The following behaviors will result in a warning and the possibility of a game ejection and subsequent expulsion: cursing at the officials, supervisors, or opposing players; insulting the officials, supervisors, or opposing players. Participating in a fight and/or intentional/flagrant fouls will result in an automatic ejection. Participants ejected from a game are prohibited in playing in their next TWO scheduled games.

2015-2016 Champions: Co-ed League, Title 69

Inaugural Spring 2016 Tournament, SKRT (members: James Rajasingh, Oliver Skelly, Will Hollo, Maddie Pillari, Hannah Glosser, Parker Moss, Elliott Hiller, Sophia Skelly and Kiki Kaufman)

Past Champions

2015-2016: Co-ed League, Title 69 (members: Jordan Keny-Guyer, Willy Harris, Collin Hartland, Abby Needell, Sophie Leamon, Tom Crosby, Nick Roman and Sam Elkind)
Inaugural Spring Tournament, SKRT
(members: James Rajasingh, Oliver Skelly, Will Hollo, Maddie Pillari, Hannah Glosser, Parker Moss, Elliott Hiller, Sophia Skelly and Kiki Kaufman)
2014-2015: Co-ed League,
Title 69 (members: Jordan Keny-Guyer, Willy Harris, Collin Hartland, Sam Elkind, Nick Roman, Parker Moss, Andrea Stephens, Alicia Terry and Annika Kastetter)
2013-2014: Co-ed League, Hotel Fort Des Moines
(members: Henry Sackman, Dan Herz, Henry Trueheart, Cody Lemay, Elliot Levitt, Josh Feldman, Sawyer Connellly, Lachlan Watkins, Peter Laskey, Izzy Wolfe, Britta Holum, Paige O'Connor and Alli Weibel)
2012-2013: Co-ed League, Team Chastity
(members: Zander Goepfert, Ryan Armstrong, Ian Rewoldt, Nate Liss, Ben Birtch, Will Lindsay, David Scott, Pat Knect, Eric Syjala, Thayer Maclay, Phillip Angelides, Tommy Groh, John Keenan, Kati Voeller, Sarah Jacobson, Devon Cole, Rachel Gips, Kate Leaf, Molly Lynch and Hayley Dickeman)
2011-2012: Co-ed League, DTF aka the Dream Team
(members: Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory, Faizan Ali-khan, Warren King, David Van Sicklen, Dan Marion, Billy Zuke, Nate Burt, Catie Birmingham, Christin Price, Meredith Stewart, Laura Goldsmith, Ari Glantz, Hannah Varnell, Max Buckwalder, Devon MacLeod, Michael Wolff)
2010-2011: Co-ed League, Team Craig 
(members: Chris Mayo-Smith, Drew Zieff, Henry Sachman, Brendan Young, Ben Munyao, Kai Thompson, Jed Doane, Will Durrett, Zoe Santos, Alex Klein, Claire Goldman, Alex Freeman, Izzy Wolfe, Johanna Ginger, Ali Levin, Sam Seinger)
2009-2010: Co-ed League, Del Fuego
2008-2009: Co-ed League, UWC (The Edible Bedibles)
2007-2008: Open League, Ragtag; Co-ed League, The Sopapias
2006-2007: Open League, God's Water; Co-ed League, Bron Y Aur Stompers
2005-2006: Open League, Humanzees; Co-ed League, Bron Y Aur Stompers
2004-2005: Open League, Pele's Convalescence; Co-Ed League, Major Morton's Martian Mission
2003-2004: Open League, Team Guilty; Co-Ed League, Johnny Switchblade
2002-2003: Open League, D-Bags; Co-Ed League, Fresh Meat Sparks
2001-2002: Open League, Shakin & Burnin; Co-ed League, The Kickers 
2000-2001: A League, Keg Kickers; B League, Costellosteins; Co-ed League, Revolution 
1999-2000: A League, The Holders; Co-ed League, Nails 
1998-1999: A League, Brainstorm; B League, Sinsation; Co-ed League, Los Rabiosas 

1997-1998: A League, Megatron; B League, Ron Jeremy Experience; Co-ed League, Violent Bubbles 
1996-1997: A League, Fiji; Co-ed League, Times Up 
1995-1996: A League, Cave Canne; Co-ed League, Sensational 7 
1994-1995: A League, Flying Squirrels; Co-ed League, LABTYD