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Pre-Holiday Futsal Tournament

Mon, 11/28
Tue, 11/29
5:00 Fine Fleet Feet vs. Dyslexia Untied
6:00 Xenu FC vs. Member Berries
7:00 Odds Are... vs. Turkish Battle Cannons
8:00 Desert Rain Frogs vs. What's Futsal
9:00 ABCDE FC vs. Peter Crouch FC
Wed, 11/30
5:00Lake Titicaca Thunder vs. Pass it to the Italians
6:00 The Janitors vs. Dirty Milkers
7:00 IJLSA vs. The Cranes
8:00 Find the Cleatoris vs. The Big Balls
9:00 Papi Chulos vs. Ball Busters
Thu, 12/1
5:00Baletellitubbies vs. Dyslexia Untied
6:00 Member Berries vs. Odds Are...
7:00 What's Futsal vs. ABCDE FC
8:00 Xenu FC vs. Turkish Battle Cannons
9:00 Desert Rain Frogs vs. Peter Crouch FC
Mon, 12/5
5:00Lake Titicaca Thunder vs. The Janitors
6:00 IJLSA vs. Find the Cleatoris
7:00 Papi Chulos vs.Baletellibubies
8:00 Member Berries vs. ABCDE FC
Tue, 12/64:00Fine Fleet Feet vs. Dirty Milkers
5:00 The Cranes vs.Turkish Battle Cannons
7:00 The Big Balls vs.Desert Rain Frogs
8:00 Ball Busters vs. Dyslexia Untied
9:00 Odds Are.... vs. What's Futsal
Wed, 12/75:00Pass it to the Italians vs. Dirty Milkers
6:00 Turkish Battle Cannons vs. Big Balls
7:00 Papi Chulos vs. Member Berries
9:00 The Janitors vs. Find the Cleatoris
Thu, 12/85:00IJLSA vs. Dyslexia Untied
6:00 Lake Titicaca Thunder vs. Odds Are...
7:00 ABCDE FC vs. Pass it to the Italians
8:00 Baletellitubies vs. Big Balls
Mon, 12/125:00Dyslexia Untied vs. Lake Titicaca Thunder
6:00 ABCDE FC vs. Big Balls
Tue, 12/136:00Find the Cleatoris vs. Big Balls
7:00 Papi Chulos vs. Lake Titicaca Thunder
Wed, 12/146:00Lake Titicaca Thunder vs. Big Balls
9:00 The Janitors vs. Merry Berries
Thu, 12/155:00The Janitors vs. Big Balls
Mon, 12/195:00The Janitors vs. Merry Berries