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2021 Spring Semester

Supplemental Housing Spring Semester Transportation Option

The 2021 Spring Housing Waitlist is open. Reassignments are prioritized by student study year, res hall capacity, and housing operations summer/fall planning logistics.

Spring Semester on-campus housing:
Housing continues to accept student requests to be in residence during Spring Semester. In alignment with the current college guidance to maintain 50% occupancy, housing is currently available in small houses, 4-bedroom Western Ridge apartments, and 4- and 5-bedroom apartments at the supplemental housing options located at The Lodges and West Edge. All interested students, regardless of study year, should email Students interested in apartment living, must create their own apartment groups and include apartment mate names in their message. NOTE: Spring Semester on-campus students are eligible to remain in campus housing through June 25 if enrolled in Summer Session Block A.

COVID Guest Policy:
In response to updated college policies resulting from COVID-19, a modified housing guest policy has been implemented:

  • No off campus guests.
  • Approved guests are CC students who have access to campus. No other guests are allowed at this time.
  • Maximum 1 approved guest per residential hall or small house bedroom.
  • Apartment residents can host guests, but cannot exceed 1.5 times the apartment residency capacity or a total occupancy limit of 10 in the common area. For example, a 4-bedroom apartment can host 2 guests for a maximum of 6 total.
  • See posted occupancy limit in on campus common area spaces. The limit is based upon social distancing rules, square footage and cannot exceed 10.

Spring Semester Move-Out:

Residential Halls close Thursday, May 20 at noon
(excludes Spring Semester on-campus student residents with continued enrollment in Block A)

Read the Colorado College Move-out Procedures to learn student responsibilities for move out.

2021 Summer Housing

Colorado College offers on-campus housing for enrolled Summer Session students, MAT students, visiting undergraduates, Student Research (SCoRE) participants, and other college sponsored programming. Note: Spring Semester on-campus students are eligible to remain in campus housing at no additional cost through June 25 if enrolled in Summer Session Block A.

Spring 2021 on-campus students enrolled in Summer Session Block A, may remain in their Spring Semester housing through the end of Block A at no additional housing cost.

Extended Stay: May 20 - May 23
With RLC approval, extended stay will be granted to graduates, current on-campus students enrolled in Summer Session Block A, and current on-campus SCoRe participants.

Gap Housing: May 24 - June 1
This period of housing is granted with no housing fee to current on-campus students enrolled in Summer Session Block A. SCoRe participants whose research assignment requires they be on-campus during this time period, as well as off-campus students who wish to move to campus for Summer Session or to accept a SCoRe research assignment, will be assessed a daily rate upon move-in during this period.

The 2021 Summer Housing Application can be accessed through the Summer Session's Summit portal. Applications are due no later than May 1. Summer housing costs are posted to Student Accounts prior to the beginning of Summer Session along with required meal plan costs.

Click here for summer housing rates and dates.

2021-22 Housing

2021-22 housing selection is suspended. Students can expect to receive messaging related to selection after the collage announces its plan for 2021-22 course delivery and housing protocols.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, Colorado College temporarily lifted the 3-year residential requirement for the 2020-21 academic year.  Starting in 2021-22, Colorado College will restart a residential requirement for students who are in their first- and second-year of study at CC. All students whose Colorado College ID numbers start with 20 or 21 are required to live on campus. Transfer students whose IDs start with a 20 or 21 should consult housing to determine their study year based on the number of units transferred from a secondary institution. Colorado College will reassess the 3-year or 2-year residential requirement for future academic years, taking Covid restrictions into consideration when making that decision.


Last updated: 02/24/2021

Important: Information About Spring 2021 Move-in

Detailed information about the move-in process for the Spring 2021 semester is located in this PDF within the Housing website. All students will be tested upon arrival to campus and will be required to adhere to enhanced social distancing protocols for 10 days until their second negative COVID test.