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    Welcome to the Advising Hub

    The Student Opportunities and Advising Hub, in collaboration with all the offices and academic departments on campus, will support you throughout your Colorado College career. The Hub encourage students to explore interests, goals, and personal aspirations and assists in connecting students with advisors, faculty members, career coaches, and other staff members. Additionally, we will introduce students to opportunities such as fellowships, studying abroad, co-curricular experiences and many other resources available at CC.

    Located on the east side of campus at 1014 N. Weber Street, The Hub serves as a one-stop shop for exploring majors, fellowships, career paths, and various other resources available at CC.

    Our Student Success Advisors will help answer general questions and work to match with faculty advisors and various departments on campus for a holistic learning experience.

    Students can use The Hub to explore various interests, needs, and goals, and receive support in monitoring academic progress, major declaration, and course schedules. Additionally, The Hub assists in providing guidance and support to students looking to learn more about applying for campus research, grants, and local, nationally, and globally competitive fellowship opportunities. 

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    Contact Us

    Teresa Leopold

    Director of Student Support

    (719) 389-6141

    Jennifer O'Bryant

    Student Success Specialist

    (719) 389-6657

    Matt Edwards

    Student Success Specialist

    (719) 389-6027

    Nikkita McPherson

    Student Success Specialist

    Jane Byrnes

    Student Success Specialist,

    Health Professions Advising Manager

    (719) 389-6429

    Lisa Schwartz

    Manager, Student Opportunities

    (719) 389-6685

    Rosy Mora de Mondragon

    Administrative Assistant

    Student Opportunities & Advising Hub

    (719) 389-6655