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    Support Services

    CC has resources to help when it comes to the safety and assistance of you and your peers, whenever and wherever needed.

    Campus Safety

    (719) 389-6911 [Emergency]
    (719) 389-6707 [Non-emergency]
    Located: 833 N Tejon St.
    Campus Safety at Colorado College works in close cooperation with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Fire Department, and emergency personnel to emphasize the importance of a safe environment and to provide a variety of services on and off campus. Campus Safety officers are on duty 24/7 to provide services via foot patrol, bike patrol, cart patrol, dispatch, SUV, and "Safe Ride" van.

    "Safe Ride" Program

    (719) 389-6340
    Hours of Operation: 8 p.m. - 1 a.m. (Sun-Thurs); 9 p.m. - 2 a.m. (Fri-Sat)
    The Campus "Safe Ride" Program is a team of CC student escorts available to drive students across campus or within a six-block radius beyond campus every day of the academic year.

    Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)

    (719) 227-8101
    (719) 602-0960 [On call advocate]
    Worner Campus Center
    The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator is a Colorado College staff member trained in working with issues surrounding sexual assault and misconduct.

    Counseling and Psychological Services

    (719) 389-6093
    Located: Boettcher Health Center
    Counseling and Psychological Services is a confidential place where students can receive psychological consultation, short-term counseling, and information on a variety of issues.

    Student Health Center

    (719) 389-6384
    Located: East of Loomis; 1106 North Cascade Avenue
    Colorado College proudly partners with DaVita Medical Group to provide students with urgent medical evaluation and treatment for illness, injury and routine preventative care. A variety of medical professionals, including a physician, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and registered nurses provide 24/7 coverage during fall and spring semesters by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Limited retail pharmacy items are also available. Student insurance plans are accepted.

    Wellness Resource Center

    (719) 389-6211
    Located: Worner Campus Center
    The Wellness Resource Center works to create an environment that nurtures the development of the whole person and empowers individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices. They work to coordinate and integrate campus-wide efforts to promote health and prevent health problems, including mental health and substance abuse issues, and creating a trauma-informed, compassionate community. They help connect students to mental health resources, as well as to prevention and health promotion programming.
    By utilizing a holistic model of wellness (intellectual, socio-cultural, emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, and career/financial) they’re able to highlight the pervasive role of wellness themes and dimensions in our lives.

    Chaplains' Office

    (719) 389-6638
    Shove Chapel and Interfaith House
    The Chaplain’s Office invites authentic spiritual exploration and meaningful religious commitment at CC. They support the human quest for identity and belonging and cultivate an education of the heart to enrich the life of the mind at CC. They aim to support the spiritual and religious development of the CC community in relation to community development and self-exploration and serve as mentors to students.
    Their goal is to help students learn more about and support religious diversity. They focus on a multi-faith perspective and aim to help students find a balance in self-care through mind, body, and spirit.
    Shove Memorial Chapel and the Chaplain’s Office seek to support students of all religious, spiritual, and seeking backgrounds. Shove Memorial Chapel hosts various happenings throughout the year for a diversity of religious and spiritual communities. The office provides information about religious holidays. Contact the Chaplain’s Office for additional information about happenings at Shove Chapel.

    Colket Center for Academic Excellence

    Located: Tutt Library 240
    The Colket Center for Academic Excellence supports learning in and beyond blocks while cultivating students’ academic skills, strategies, and resilience. They aim to foster an intellectual community through collaborative learning, peer teaching, research, and scholarly inquiry.
    The center staff promote the culture of learning and teaching and the mission of the college by consulting one-on-one with students and faculty. They train and supervise over 150 students as tutors and peer mentors each year. They administer college-wide programs like the Sophomore Jump Program, Writing Program and The Writing Center, Student Fellowships and Grants, and the Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Center (QRC).

    The Office of Accessibility Resources 

    (719) 227-8285
    Located: Armstrong Hall, Room 219
    Accessibility Resources works with the CC community to make sure all parts of campus are accessible, equitable, and inclusive. They work with students who have a variety of disabilities like ADHD, chronic health conditions, allergies, psychological and neurological disorders, brain injuries, and sensory disabilities related to vision and hearing.
    They also support students with temporary medical conditions such as concussions, as well as consulting with students who question whether they may have a disability. When working with students, they work to collaborate with faculty and staff to assist in academic and co-curricular activities. In addition, they help alumni apply for post-CC experiences like graduate school.

    Advising Hub

    (719) 389-6655
    Located: 1014 N. Weber St.
    The Advising Hub works in collaboration with all faculty and departments across CC to connect students with campus resources, academic advisors, fellowships and upcoming campus events.The Advising Hub serves as a students’ one-stop shop for exploring majors, fellowships, career paths, and various other resources available at CC.

    Butler Center

    (719) 389-6338
    Located: Worner Campus Center
    The Butler Center invests in the cultivation of an inclusive campus where the differences and similarities of individuals and communities are valued and explored through learning, mentoring, advising, facilitating dialogues, and providing a myriad of community-building activities. The Butler Center intentionally interrogates our shared beliefs, practices, and systems toward inclusive and equitable outcomes at Colorado College. Heads of State (HOS) is a block-ly gathering of the leaders from every Butler Group. There are eleven on-campus groups that work with the Butler Center which includes:
    ·      The Black Student Union (BSU): which allows “Black students to explore and advocate for their intersectional Black identities while simultaneously building community with each other and allies.”
    ·      Conversations on Whiteness (CW): an “organization that aims to develop awareness that will generate active white allyship and join existing efforts to make CC a space of learning that is aware of and resistant to white supremacist ideology and practice.”
    ·      Empowered Queers United for Absolute Liberation (EQUAL): an organization exclusively for queer and questioning individuals that aims to “develop awareness that will generate active white allyship and join existing efforts to make CC a space of learning that is aware of and resistant to white supremacist ideology and practice.”

    Career Center

    (719) 389-6893
    Located: Morreale House, 1130 N. Cascade Ave.
    The Career Center is CC’s center for student professional and career development. Their staff of coaches and experts work with students on how to connect their skills, education, and experience to meaningful work and future endeavors. They do this through exploring and identifying students’ interests, values, strengths, and experiences, developing professional identities by enhancing skills, knowledge, and behaviors. They connect students with opportunities by identifying and leveraging resources, cultivating relationships with others, and forming communities.
    The Career Center can help you decide on a major, choose a career path/ direction, assist with your resume and cover letter, and offer you networking opportunities and internships across every field imaginable.
    They will help you with anything, including applications, internship funding, general career related guidance, etc. They offer multiple opportunities including summer internship funding, Edge Internships (intern for CC alums) and Public Internship Fellowship Program (PIFP) and other opportunities that are exclusive to CC students.

    Center for Global Education & Field Study

    (719) 389-6024
    Located: Armstrong Hall, Rooms 213-218
    The Center for Global Education & Field Study serves students who study off-campus, incoming international students, faculty who lead students on off-campus programs, and international faculty who require immigration services.