Mindfulness Makes a Difference

Living in the moment. Slowing down. Not overextending yourself. Appreciating the beauty of nature and different cultures. As students on a Colorado College block break trip to Taos, New Mexico, learned, being mindful is one key to leading a resilient life and experiencing a fulfilling education.

It's the fourth day of
Block Break
April 17 - April 21

About the Block Plan

Instead of taking multiple classes at a time, CC students study
one class at a time, for three-and-a-half weeks.

8 Blocks Per Academic Year

8 Blocks
Per Academic Year

3 1/2 Weeks Per Block

3 1/2 Weeks
Per Block

4 1/2 Day Block Break

4 1/2 Day
Block Break

CC Stories

Colorado College recognizes and honors the original inhabitants who first settled in the area and who called the nearby highest mountain “Tava,” the original name given by the Ute people to what is now known as Pikes Peak. At CC, we respect all peoples and strive to grow as a unique and welcoming community.