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Crosswalk Safety

Pedestrian Safety Tips:

  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Keep your eyes up and refrain from texting while walking. You should keep at least one ear free and able to hear things happening around you.
  2. Use Sidewalks: If there is no sidewalk present and you have to walk on the street, walk against on-coming traffic and stay as far to the outside of the road as possible. Avoid shortcuts and alleys if possible.  
  3. Only Cross at the Crosswalk: Even in areas where crosswalks are automatically activated, stop first and look both ways. Make sure to press the button and wait for the crossing signal to indicate it is safe to cross.
  4. Always Watch for Vehicles in Both Lanes: Always assume that the driver cannot see you, and cross when you know that they have stopped.
  5. Make Yourself Visible: Wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight when it's dark.

Bicycle/Skateboard Safety Tips:

  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Never ride a bicycle or skateboard while listening to headphones. This prevents you from hearing other cyclists or motorists and increases the likelihood of an accident.
  2. Always Yield to Pedestrians: The proper place for a bicycle is on the road, riding with traffic. The proper place for a skateboard is on the sidewalk. If you have to use a sidewalk, always yield to pedestrians. If approaching a pedestrian from behind, make your presence known and indicate on which side of the pedestrian you intend to pass.
  3. Always Dismount Your Bike/Skateboard When Going Through a Crosswalk: Crosswalks are for pedestrian use. Always dismount and walk your bike/skateboard through a crosswalk abiding by the pedestrian rules for crosswalks as listed above.
  4. Obey all Posted Traffic Regulations While Riding on the Street: When riding on the street, a bicycle must obey the same laws as a car. Ride on the right quarter of the street closest to the curb and obey all posted regulations and stop lights.
  5. Make Yourself Visible: When it's dark, wear reflective clothing and make sure you have a functional headlamp and tail lamp on your bicycle.
  6. Always Assume Drivers Cannot See You: When passing a stopped vehicle or crossing at an intersection or crosswalk, always assume that drivers cannot see you. Stop, look both ways, and make sure all lanes of cross traffic have seen you and stopped.

Security Notification - Suspicious Person / Menacing

At approximately 5:45 PM on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, a student was chased while running on the Monument Creek trail north of Uintah Street. The student was able to outrun the suspect and reported the incident to the Colorado Springs Police Department and later Campus Safety. Officers patrolled the area, but were unable to locate anyone matching the description provided by the student.

The suspect is described as a middle aged white male, approximately 6 feet tall, of heavy-set build with brown hair and facial hair. The suspect was last seen wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

If you have any information about this suspect or someone fitting this description suspect, call 911. If you think you see this suspect, be sure to get a good description of the person, your location, and the suspect’s direction of travel. Contact Campus Safety if you have questions: x6707.

We wanted to take this opportunity to provide runners some general safety tips:

  1. Don’t wear headphones while running. Doing so is a distraction that can prevent your senses from identifying potential trouble.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to what is happening around you and adjust your route accordingly.
  3. Trust your instincts. If you feel that running through a particular area “just doesn’t feel right”, don’t run there.
  4. Let someone know where you are running and when you plan to be back. Doing so allows your friends to check in on you. Download and utilize the Rave Guardian app for these purposes.
  5. Stick to well-lit, marked trails.

 Stay mindful of yourself and your surroundings, and make your runs that much more enjoyable.

Campus Safety in the News

- CCAT Shuttle Service operational times have changed. Check the CCAT page for more information. 

- The 2016 Annual Security Report is complete and available online. If you would like a hard copy, please stop by the Campus Safety office. 

- "No Tiger Walks Alone" Learn what you can do to help keep CC a happy and safe place to live, study, and thrive! 

- CC has partnered with Ride Systems to provide real-time gps tracking for the CCAT shuttle! Check out the website at and download the app for Android or iPhone!

- Like TigerWatch on Facebook to receive updates and alerts.

Hosting a Party Off-Campus or in the Apartments?

In an effort to support the needs of our students and community, Colorado College has set forth the expectation that students complete a party registration form when planning a party off-campus or in our apartments. Follow the link in the Related Links section below to complete your party registration form.