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New Security Notices


October 18, 2019


On Friday night, an armed robbery was reported near the intersection of Nevada Avenue and Dale Street, south of 7-11. The suspect followed two people from the store, and attempted to rob them at gunpoint. No CC faculty, staff, or students were involved in the incident.


The suspect is described as a male, between the ages of 16 and 23, wearing dark pants and a light gray or white hooded sweatshirt.


If you observe any unusual behavior around campus, and particularly at any of the retail stores near campus, please report that behavior immediately to Campus Safety or CSPD.

Campus Safety would like to take this opportunity to encourage the whole campus community to take an active role in your safety and the safety of the community by:


  • Making sure that any monetary transactions are conducted with discretion; attempt to avoid displaying any amount of currency while making financial transactions in public places.
  • Always being aware of your surroundings while walking. Be careful not to allow music and other communication devices from drawing too much of your attention.
  • Travelling in well-lit areas. Utilize the Rave Guardian app or walk in groups for safety.