Winter Break Preparation

Always be prepared for extended breaks!  Here's how to make sure your workspace and/or living space is safe during your absence.

Winter Break

Prepare Workspace/Living area – LOCK UP

  • No matter the floor, lock all windows and doors and remind roommates/other family members to do the same. Take out the trash.
  • Clean the refrigerator, and remove anything that has the slightest chance of going bad.
  • Close and lock exterior windows and doors.
  • Unplug electrical appliances to include space heaters.
  • Leave the heat on in buildings to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Extension cords are designed for short term use. UNPLUG all extension cords over break.

Secure belongings – Including BIKES

  • The best thing to do with valuables is bring them along or stow them out of sight in a closet, locked trunk or lockable storage area.
  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BIKE ON A RACK! Take bicycles home or inside and lock them to a stationary item.
    • If you are leaving a bike here on campus for Winter Break, here are some things you need to know:
      • Over the break, Campus Safety will be removing bikes from the racks that are missing parts, haven’t moved in a long time, or appear abandoned. These bikes will be marked with an orange band placed on them. If you receive one of these bands, contact Campus Safety so your bike lock does not get cut! All bikes collected will be reserved for 30 days, then will be donated. 
      • If you are leaving campus for break, please move your bikes off of the bike racks and store them somewhere safe such as a locked residence hall room or office.  Thieves are aware everyone will be gone for break and will take advantage!
      • If you have a bike you no longer use, you can donate the bike to the CC Bike and Ski Co-op. You can do so by bringing your bike to the Campus Safety office or the Outdoor Education Center.
      • Note: Make sure your bike is registered here.

Secure Your Vehicle

  • Leaving your vehicle on campus, email to make appropriate accommodations for permitted lots and street zones.
    • Note: The Parking Office will be closed during Winter Break.

Support During Break

Campus Safety is here 24/7/365

Stay Connected

  • Use the RAVE Guardian App
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