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Every year, Colorado College enrolls an academically accomplished student body that encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and backgrounds. Our holistic evaluation process considers your academic work, writing, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, your unique talents and personal qualities, and testing - if you choose to submit test scores.

Colorado College is distinctive among highly selective colleges in that we choose to support a non-binding Early Action program as well as a binding Early Decision program, giving students greater flexibility to choose the option that is right for them. At the same time, this has resulted in a large increase in early applicants and a larger percentage of our class enrolling from an early round. 

Instructions, Advice, and Strategy

What is the Preliminary Application?

The Preliminary Application is a free, fast application to provide us with better insight into how we can better serve you, the student. Based on what you tell us, we will provide information to help you through the application process. By submitting the Preliminary Application, you are expressing an intent to complete your application by your decision plan deadline.

The preliminary application is intended students who plan to enter in August 2023 as a first-year or transfer applicant or January 2023 as a transfer applicant. If you plan to enter college after these entry dates, we encourage you to complete our inquiry form. Submit My Preliminary Application

How do I know which application to apply with?

We accept three different applications or admission: the Common Application, the Apply Coalition powered by Scoir, and the QuestBridge Application. We review all three with the same holistic standards in place, and no one method offers an advantage over the others.

The Common Application is the most common application method, but we recommend you review all three application methods to determine which option is the best fit for you.

Can I still be considered for admission if I don't match through QuestBridge?

Of course! If you don't match through QuestBridge, you can absolutely still be considered for a different round. Your application will still be reviewed under our early action round.

What supplemental essay is required for admission?

In addition to the regular essays on the Common Application (or QuestBridge or Coalition Application), you will need to complete one brief (200 words) supplemental essay as part of your application to Colorado College. The prompt is:

  • Why do you wish to attend Colorado College and how would the Block Plan serve your educational goals? 

Can you give me advice on how to write the supplemental essay? Or how to fill out the activities section of the application?

Thanks for asking! Yes, we created a whole series of short videos just to help you with your college applications. It's called App Advice, and it includes videos on the personal statement (college essay), supplemental essays, demonstrated interest, and more.

How do I access my applicant portal?

After you submit an application (either the Preliminary application, Coalition Application, Common Application or QuestBridge Application) you will be emailed the link to your applicant portal page, and your username and temporary password. You can access that link here.

If you need your password reset, please submit a reset request to

Can I upload additional materials (i.e. resume)?

Absolutely! You can upload additional materials in your Applicant Portal under 'Upload Materials,' and they will be added to your application.

You can also email any additional materials to, and we will add them to your application for you. It takes approximately 7-10 business days for an admission team member to upload materials to your application. We strongly encourage you to upload your materials from your applicant portal.

What qualifies as an academic recommendation?

We require two teacher/professor recommendations in academic subject areas, including history, English, science, world language, or math. Non-academic recommendations such as journalism, a club, or coaches do not count toward this requirement. Select these teachers/professors carefully; they should be people who know you well and can speak specifically about your academic contributions to their class and to the school as a whole. Plan ahead so that your recommenders have ample time to thoughtfully complete the forms and submit them to CC on time.

How can I submit my art supplement?

We invite students interested in the arts to submit an optional art supplement in visual art, music, dance, theater, creative writing or film. Art supplements will be included in a student's application for consideration as part of our holistic review process.

Students may upload media for their art supplement to their Applicant Portal after submitting the Preliminary Application. Students can also indicate whether or not they'd like to submit an art portfolio within their Applicant Portal.

I'm a high school student taking college classes. Do I apply as a transfer student?

No, you will still apply as a first-year student. As long as you have not graduated from high school, you will be considered a first-year student.

Can I appeal my admission decision?

Unfortunately, no. All admission decisions are final. We do not have an appeal process. If Colorado College continues to be of interest, we would be pleased to consult with you regarding applying again either as a first-year or transfer applicant in a subsequent admission cycle.

I would like to withdraw my application.

Thank you for letting us know that you've decided to withdraw your application to Colorado College. Send us an email at and we'll close out your file. We'd love to hear which institution you've decided to attend!

We wish you all the best at your college of choice.

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The preliminary application is closed for Fall 2023. In July 2023, we will open the application intended for students who plan to enter in August 2024 as a first-year or transfer applicant or January 2024 as a transfer applicant. If you plan to enter college after these entry dates, we encourage you to complete our inquiry form.

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