Welcome to the Parking Office at Colorado College

Parking at Colorado College is managed by the Department of Campus Safety.  Parking is a scarce resource and is limited to on-campus residential parking for second, third and fourth year students, staff and faculty.  Our campus is private property, and the college determines all motor vehicle regulations.  Violations will be distributed when vehicles are not parked according to college regulations. Repeated violations may result in a tire boot being placed on the vehicle, towing without notice, loss of parking privileges, and/or a referral to conduct.  Parking lots are permit required and enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including block breaks AND weekends, so please be sure your vehicle is in its assigned lot with your hang tag visible.

Block 8 & Summer Updates

All you need to know about Parking now and beyond Block 8:
Any outstanding parking citations MUST be paid and resolved!

  • If you have any outstanding parking citations, please pay your citations (emails have been sent). You can pay your citations online: https://coloradocollege.omnigo.one/CESIReportExec/ocp/
  • If you DO NOT resolve your outstanding parking citations, you will not be eligible to register your vehicle for a parking permit for next academic year.
  • If you received a ticket, parking on the streets, those are City tickets and must be resolved directly with the City Court House.

Parking Projects scheduled for Monday, May 23 – Sunday, May 29 (Weather Permitting)

Summer Parking will be enforced:

  • If you purchased a yearly parking permit, it will expire 8/31/22.
  • If you didn't purchase a yearly parking permit and will be here during block breaks and/or over summer, should purchase blockly permits, to avoid ticketing. 
  • If you are not going to be here for summer blocks, you cannot leave your vehicle parked and unattended over summer.

Online permit and vehicle registration will open early August 2022

  • Reminder: Permits are designated by SPECIFIC Lots and Street Area/Zone
  • Parking permits are a scarce resource, not everyone will receive one (permits will be issued, first come, first serve).
  • Please note, parking options are not always close in proxemity to your residence and/or building, so please be understanding if you do not get your first choice.  
  • UPCOMING UPDATE: Next year’s street permit usage is under review with City and CC, more information to follow. 

Questions, email Parking@coloradocollege.edu 

General Parking Office Info

The Worner office is temporarily closed until further notice.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are not able to staff this office.   We are currently working through requests as they come in, by email only, parking@coloradocollege.edu.  Please expect a delayed response.

 Some helpful information in the meantime: 

  • Parking Permits are SPECIFIC TO DESIGNATED PARKING LOTS. You may not park in any other lot, they are not reciprocal parking permits.
  • If you have any outstanding parking citations, please pay your citations (emails have been sent). You can pay your citations online: https://coloradocollege.omnigo.one/CESIReportExec/ocp/
  • IF YOU ARE A NEW EMPLOYEE and/or YOUR DEPARTMENT IS EXPECTING A NEW EMPLOYEE, please have them email parking@coloradocollege.edu  to request information on available permit options.
  • VISITOR/TEMPORARY PARKING Permits can be purchased by Departments, using a Department FOAP, please email parking@coloradocollege.edu.
  • Accessibility Parking: Vehicles with a valid DMV issued accessibility placard are still required to purchase a parking permit for campus. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding!  

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For all other questions, pay a ticket or make an appointment, please email parking@coloradocollege.edu
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