Parking citations must be paid or appealed within 10 days of the date of the citation.  Citations beyond 10 days old may not be appealed.

To view list of parking violations, please view here to determine if you want to continue to submit an appeal.

For those choosing to appeal their citation within the first 10 days:

    • LEVEL 1 Appeal - The first step in the process is that your citation will enter into an administrative review status.
      • During a level 1 appeal, the citation will be reviewed by the CC Parking Supervisor to see if the ticket was written in error (the violation didn't occur) or the citation itself had a significant error (such as the wrong date or violation code). 
      • If the citation is granted at this first step, the citation is voided and the process is over.  If the level 1 appeal is denied, you will be given the option of escalating to a level 2 appeal status.
    • LEVEL 2 Appeal - The second step is a level 2 appeal. In a level 2 appeal, you can submit a written appeal, by emailing 
      • The citation will be held and then reviewed during the block break, after the citation was received by the Parking Office Appeals Advisory Committee. 
      • The committee is comprised of one CC student, staff and faculty member, who have NO connection to the Parking Office.  All decisions made by the committee are final and may not be further appealed.
      • If the level 2 appeal is granted by the committee, the citation will be voided.  If the level 2 appeal is denied, you will be paying the price of the citation and an additional $10 appeal fee.
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