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    The Block Plan

    Four blocks a semester. Eight blocks a year.
    Four years total. Thirty-two blocks at CC.

    Want to study for your biology midterm without worrying about filming your documentary, reading 72 pages of The Odyssey, or training your psychology rat?

    Why not take just one class at a time? 

    The Block Basics

    • A block lasts for three and a half weeks, beginning on a Monday and ending on the following fourth Wednesday.
    • One block is equal to one class on the semester plan.
    • Four blocks per semester; eight blocks per year, plus optional Half Block in the winter and Summer Session during the summer.
    • Class typically meets 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., Monday through Friday, with applicable labs in the afternoon, but professors are free to schedule classes in the format they feel is most suited to the subject matter.

    Introduced in 1970, Colorado College’s “Block Plan” is an intensive and immersive academic schedule that allows students to engage with a single subject for three and a half weeks. With this, CC students are not required to juggle multiple subjects throughout a semester. The entire college runs one block at a time, with each block covering the same amount of material as a semester system.

    The result? Students can choose to study the film industry on location in Hollywood, then find Jupiter during evening labs in Barnes observatory, or traverse the natural wonders of the Southwest as a field archaeologist. Classes are small, hands-on, and highly focused.

    Love your current class? Great! Or maybe you find yourself ready for your next block? No worries, it’ll be over in three and a half weeks and you’ll have gained a semester’s worth of course material. It’s a win-win. Not to mention block breaks...

    Build Your Block Plan is a fun exercise for the purpose of understanding the Block Plan.