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Colket Center for Academic Excellence

As we approach the start of the 2020-21 academic year, the Colket Center for Academic Excellence will continue providing exceptional support for students and faculty.

All Colket Center services, including those offered by the Quantitative Reasoning Center, the Ruth Barton Writing Center, the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CLD) Education Specialist, and the Thesis Writing Specialist, will be accessible remotely throughout the fall semester. To encourage best practices in social distancing, neither professional nor peer staff will be offering in-person tutoring.

Our professional staff will continue to lend their expertise in many ways, from consulting on course and assignment design, to running in-class workshops and adjunct courses, to working with students with particular needs. Please reach out to professional staff through email.


Ruth Barton Writing Center

Students can schedule appointments during Blocks 1-4 using WCOnline, where they can upload documents, link to GoogleDocs, and meet in a synchronous environment with a peer writing consultant. Students may also use WCOnline to create small group appointments for projects that require collaboration.

For appointments during Block Breaks, students can email one of the professional staff members directly:

Quantitative Reasoning Center

To support social distancing, increase space availability for studying in Tutt Library, and be responsible with our budget, QRC tutoring plans to be remote in Fall, 2020. QRC updates will be posted on our webpage. For academic support, the QRC staff of 55-60 tutors plans to offer 3 modes of remote tutoring:

  • QRC Learning Assistants (LAs) are aligned with specific Block courses. LAs collaborate with instructors to hold homework or exam review sessions, study in small groups, and address individual student support. To learn about the LA program and request an LA, please go here.
  • For QRC "Drop-in" tutoring, such as in the QRC (i.e., "just-in-time" tutoring), our Individual Tutor request form is adjusted to accommodate one-time requests, quick questions. For that option, please use the Individual Tutoring request form here.
  • To request Individual Tutoring (i.e., one-on-one, or small group) with a QRC tutor over the course of a Block, please click here.

Data Analyses: As in the spring and summer, 2020, the QRC will continue to support faculty, staff, students (e.g., theses) with data analyses in fall semester, 2020.

To request visits to courses regarding our resources, workshops, or for other questions, concerns, please contact the QRC Director, Steve Getty.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CLD) Education Specialist

Students who would like to make an appointment to work remotely with the CLD education specialist should email Chelsea Walter directly at

Thesis Writing Specialist

Students who would like to make an appointment to work remotely with the thesis writing specialist should email Mia Alvarado directly at

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