Community Standards and Conduct Procedures

I. Introduction

At Colorado College we strive to provide a safe environment that is conducive to the academic success of our students, while fostering critical thinking, social responsibility, and positive community engagement in all of its forms. We seek to impart knowledge and develop character while expecting our students to uphold our values of Honor, Integrity, and Respect. The Student Community Standards encompasses many aspects of campus life for students, with the expectation that students will engage with and exemplify these values at all times.

The Student Community Standards are not designed to just be a list of what behaviors are discouraged or prohibited, but are also designed to provide affirmative guidelines for positive behavior and contribution to our community. The following guidelines were introduced and developed by a collaboration of students and staff at Colorado College.

A Colorado College student should:

  1. Treat other students, all faculty, and all staff and community members with honor, respect, and integrity;
  2. Take responsibility when exercising freedom of expression in a manner that also considers the standards of civility, consideration and tolerance that should shape the actions of members of the community with one another;
  3. Assist others by engaging in active bystander intervention, to include watching out for the safety and well-being of fellow community members. For more information on becoming an active bystander please visit BADASS;
  4. Act in ways that minimize risk of harm to themselves and to others, including mental, physical, emotional or psychological harm, and promote the safety of individuals and the overall community; and
  5. Work to further their academic and social development and not interfere with others who are striving to achieve the same;

It is expected that all students familiarize themselves with and abide by the Student Community Standards, and all other College policies that apply to them. Ignorance of the Student Community Standards is never an excuse for failing to comply. These values protect and uphold this special place, and promote a safe environment where all members of our community are able to fully engage in the life of the College.

The Policies and Procedures described below outline the community expectations of Colorado College, and how alleged violations by students are addressed by the College. Students who are found responsible for violating the Student Community Standards will be held accountable for their behavior. The College's goals in responding to alleged misconduct are to: ensure student and public safety; promote health and wellness; hold students accountable for their actions or inactions; educate one another to include understanding one's impact on the community; provide an opportunity for growth and development; and promote an environment that supports the educational mission of the College.

Colorado College's Student Community Standards, and any and all related policies and procedures, may be interpreted, applied or changed by the College at any time, as determined solely by the College. The Student Community Standards, and the policies and procedures referenced herein, do not create any contractual rights with any third party, including with students or employees.

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