The Pathfinder


One of Colorado College's core values states that as members of this campus community, we should strive to "nurtureā€¦an ethic of environmental sustainability." With this in mind, the college is pleased to provide this online version of your student guide, The Pathfinder.

As students begin their own adventure at Colorado College it can be hard to know exactly how to navigate their time here. With so many paths to choose from it can be easy to get confused or lost and to step off the trail. It is for this reason we provide our students with The Pathfinder, a collection of living documents designed to be your guide to community expectations at Colorado College, and to help you make informed decisions during your time here.

The Pathfinder outlines the academic and conduct policies of Colorado College, along with additional resources to assist students in navigating through their collegiate experiences. All policies contained within The Pathfinder have been developed to uphold and instill in students the institutional values of Honor, Integrity, and Respect, which exist to advance the common good. We hope and expect every student will strive to exemplify these values at the College and throughout their life:

  • Honor: Acting with dignity and honesty in all contexts, settings, and circumstances.
  • Respect: Upholding a sense of the worth or excellence of every person; being accepting of rights and differences of others; and treating others equitably, which means acting fairly and justly towards others inclusive of their backgrounds.
  • Integrity: Adhering to a set of personal and institutional values and principles, and being truthful with oneself and with others.

All policies contained in the Pathfinder are reviewed annually through careful consideration and in consultation with students, faculty and staff, and trustees. We make changes to these policies in response to feedback from our community and would love to hear from you; click here to submit feedback.

Please familiarize yourself with these policies and consider The Pathfinder to be your first reference when you have a policy question. If you do not find the answer you seek here on the Web, the Student Life office and other college offices stand ready to assist you.

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