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The health and safety of all members of the Colorado College community remain our number one priority. Accordingly, in addition to the Community Standards outlined below, all members of our community are expected to follow the protocols in place for public health crises, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  This includes:

  • All Colorado College students must follow COVID-19 protocols.  Note that these protocols will change depending on the level of community spread both on campus and in the broader Colorado Springs community; COVID Updates and Resources webpage is the best place to find up-to-date information.  

These expectations are being implemented to help encourage students to act in ways that minimize risk of harm to themselves and to others, including mental, physical, emotional or psychological harm, and promote the safety of individuals and the overall community. Violations of one or more of these expectations will be referred to the Community Standards and Conduct Specialist for review and may result in disciplinary charges under the college's policy on Non-Compliance with College Officials and/or Community Health Concerns. For additional information about the ongoing concerns around COVID, resources, and the College's response please visit


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