CCID / Goldcard

All college community members are required to have and appropriately use a CCID, (also known as a Gold Card) as the common form of identification on campus. The CCID serves as the students' identification as well as a key to their living area. The following are particular expectations of this policy:

  • Students are required to be in possession of their CCID at all times and to present it to campus safety or other college officials whenever requested.
  • No person, other than the one pictured on the front of the card, is permitted to use a CCID for identification, access, debit, or any other purpose.
  • Students may not deface or alter a CCID.
  • Students may not loan their CCID to another student for use.
  • If a card is lost or stolen, the owner is required to report it to the Worner Desk upon determining it is lost or stolen. After business hours, security should be notified. Cardholders are responsible for all transactions until the CCID is reported missing, at which time the card will be cancelled and all services deactivated so that an unauthorized person cannot use it. The cardholder will not be able to gain access to any location requiring a CCID until it is replaced, and all remaining funds in the Gold Card account are transferred to a new card.
  • Upon withdrawing from the college, all CCIDs should be returned to the Worner Desk.
Report an issue - Last updated: 01/25/2021