Lifestyle and Living Communities

2024-2025 Application Process for Lifestyle & Living Communities is closed.  

Students still interested in any LLC or Language House may join waitlists via StarRez Housing Portal


Application Process

As part of the process of living on-campus, all students must complete the Online Housing Agreement.

Housing Agreement available - January 29, 2024

Housing Agreement due - March 15, 2024

Where can I find it? Student Housing Portal

Application available - January 29, 2024

Application due - February 19, 2024

Where to find the application: Student Housing Portal

Students can select their room space on March 8, 2024.  Waitlists will be available for students who are interested in living in the communities but were not accepted on April 22, 2024 

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Lifestyle & Living Community Options

Living Communities

Living communities are on-campus residential living spaces that consist of students that agree to a specific set of community guidelines and hold similar social identities or interests.

  • Mathias 1 West (rooms 100-115)
  • Enclave is a 1st- and 2nd-year community that serves as an enclave for students who are committed to deepening their understanding of "cultural enclaves" and "safe spaces" on campus. This multi-cultural community is committed to social justice, equity and inclusion.
  • Lennox House
  • Lennox House is a multi-cultural student space that provides a safe space for the promotion of multi-cultural awareness, support, and social justice programming for BIPOC students.
  • Lennox House is only for continuing students (2nd- and 3rd-year students)
  • First & Second Year PRIDE
    • Mathias 3 West (rooms 300-315)
    • PRIDE is a 1st- and 2nd-year community committed to enhancing the knowledge and education around gender and sexual diversity. This is a community dedicated to celebrating queer life on campus.
  • Continuing Students PRIDE
    • Fleming House
    • PRIDE is a community of continuing students (2nd-, 3rd-year students) committed to enhancing the knowledge and education around gender and sexual diversity. This is a community dedicated to celebrating queer life on campus.
  • South Hall 3rd floor south/southwest (rooms 354-385)
  • Outdoor Education is 1st and 2nd year-living community that is committed to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and leadership of students through outdoor and community service experiences.
  • McGregor 1st and 2nd floor (rooms 100-220)
  • The Arts Community is open to all expressions of art in order to build a collaborative and creative space for all artists.
  • Blanca 2nd floor
  • Revitalizing Nation is a community dedicated to the exploration and expression of the traditional and contemporary aspects of Native American and Indigenous intellectual, social, cultural, and spiritual life on campus.
The Sophomore Year Experience community is designed for students to jumpstart their second year on campus. Collaborative programming from the Career Center, Residential Experience (ResX), and Student Opportunities and Advising Hub (The Hub), provides students with opportunities to explore their personal, academic, and career interests and learning and leadership experiences to pursue those interests. Community members will live and learn together in a shared, small house environment in Salazar House.

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Lifestyle Communities

Lifestyle Communities refer to a living preference around like-minded and/or similarly identifying individuals.

  • Loomis 126-149, South 432-448, and Arthur House
  • Substance-Free communities hold specific community expectations around substance use.
    • Note that South and Arthur communities are also 24-Hour Quiet Communities.
  • South 432-448, Mathias 200-220, and Arthur House
  • 24-Hour Quiet communities hold specific community expectations around quiet hours.
    • Note that South and Arthur communities are also Substance-Free Communities.
  • Loomis ground floor and Montgomery Hall
  • All Women communities are open for all women-identifying students.

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