Senior Housing Selection

Class of 2025 Senior Housing Selection

Class of 2025 senior housing selection will once again be limited to 75 initial students. Students interested in living on campus their senior year will be able to sign their housing agreement beginning Oct. 30, 2023. Class of 2025 senior housing selection will occur on Dec. 6, 2023. Residential Experience will facilitate numerous housing information sessions throughout Blocks 2 and 3 for students eligible to participate in the senior housing selection process.

For the 2024-25 academic year, we anticipate limited availability of on-campus housing. We will have 75 spaces allotted for senior housing: 
  • Senior housing is allocated to the properties on North Weber.
  • All spaces will be furnished for the 2024-2025 academic year.
  • Housing rates for 2024-25 will be finalized during the Spring 2024 Semester.
Please note the following important senior housing selection dates:
  • Monday, Oct. 30, 2023: Housing agreement opens for class of 2025 students
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023: Housing agreement closes for class of 2025 students
    • Note: In order to receive a lottery number during housing selection, students must sign the housing agreement.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023: Students requesting disability-related housing accommodations should meet with Accessibility Resources. Students requesting accommodations should complete the “Housing Accommodation Request Form” and submit documentation to Accessibility Resources by Monday, Nov. 28. The form can be obtained from Accessibility Resources.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023: Class of 2025 housing selection begins at 2 p.m. 
Next steps:  
  • Residential Experience will send periodic updates and reminders regarding housing selection throughout Blocks 2 and 3.
  • Fill out the senior housing interest form. Completing this form does not guarantee housing. This form helps the Residential Experience team anticipate housing needs.
  • Attend a Senior Housing Selection information session!
  • Any rising seniors who do not receive a housing assignment via this housing process may be placed on the senior housing waitlist toward the end of the 2024 Spring Semester. We will place seniors in non-designated senior areas after all incoming first-year and transfer students have been placed. 
For any student receiving financial aid, please note that your aid does not change if you live off-campus. Determine your estimated savings by looking at your Fall 2023 bill and reducing the charges by any room and board charges on your account. Connect with Financial Aid via email or schedule an appointment if you have any questions. 


Senior Housing Info Sessions

In each info session, we will be talking all things senior housing. Starting with which properties will be available during selection and how selection will be. Members of the Residential Experience Team will be in attendance and presenting to help answer questions!

The Info Sessions are as followed:

October 23rd at 2pm in Gaylord Hall (East Entry of Worner)

October 25th at 4pm in JLK McHugh Commons (Above the preserve)

November 2nd at 2pm in South Commons

November 6th at 4pm in JLK McHugh Commons (Above the preserve)

November 8th at 3pm in Bemis Great Hall

November 28th at 4pm in South Commons**

November 30th at 3pm in Bemis Great Hall**


** These info sessions will be informative for students who have already signed their housing agreements

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