First-Year and New Students

Once you have received the initial mailing containing your new email, you will start to receive emails regarding housing information. More information regarding Housing Selection will be coming throughout the summer.

Many factors influence the room assignment process and create movement in housing throughout the month of July, including:

  • admitted new students may still choose not to come;
  • returning students may change their housing plans due to transfer or late acceptance to study abroad;
  • returning students may decide to take a leave of absence or apply to live off-campus, if eligible.

All First-Year students are housed in Traditional Halls which are Loomis Hall, Mathias Hall, and South Hall. Housing is assigned based on the preference information you submit with your On-Campus Housing Agreement. The information is subject to change for the class of 2028!

  • You may be placed in a Living Learning Community if you've expressed an interest.
  • You may be assigned to a substance-free, 24-hour added quiet, or single-gender area if you've expressed an interest.
  • Our assignment process attempts to match students with an optimal roommate based on their answers to online preference questions. Those questions are limited in scope, as we believe that it's important for students to learn to navigate differences, communicate effectively, and confront situations that might be impacting their living environment.
If you are a Winter Start student, assignments will be based on mid-year housing availability in the halls you are eligible for. You will be notified of your room and roommate assignment just before the College closes for Winter Break. We will include contact information with your assignment and strongly encourage you to connect with your roommate and to get to know them.
Depending on the number of semesters completed, you may be eligible to live in a traditional hall, small house, or apartment. Transfer students are placed according to availability and could be in single, double, or triple occupancy rooms.

Does CC have gender neutral Housing?

Gender Neutral housing is recognized at Colorado College. Students interested in gender-neutral housing should contact the Housing office to secure and confirm housing assignments that meet your needs (i.e. Access to all-gender restrooms on designated floor/floor sections, etc.).

Is it possible that I will have more than one roommate?

Yes, it is very likely. CC first-year housing includes double and triple rooms. Rooms are assigned after all housing applications are received.

What are Triples and why was I put into a Triple?

Given our current room inventory and higher occupancy numbers, triple occupancy rooms are common in large spaces throughout all the Traditional Halls. Students are placed in triple occupancy rooms randomly. Opportunities to move from a triple are made possible through the waitlist process. Contact the Housing Office for more information.

May I room with a friend or someone I know?

Students are able to specify a particular roommate in the StarRez Housing Portal. Both students must name each other and "Match", as we don't intentionally place students together unless the request is mutual. Naming a specific roommate does not guarantee that students won't be placed in a triple room with a third, random roommate.

What happens if my roommate(s) and I don't get along?

Each building has a Residential Life Coordinator (RLC) and Resident Assistants (RAs) that will work with students to help them explore ways in which to resolve roommate conflicts, but there is a waitlist process that students can utilize if attempts to solve issues are unsuccessful.


What should I do if I require disability-related housing accommodations through Accessibility Resources?
  1. Meet with an Accessibility Resources staff member by June 30 (Fall Start Students) or November 1 (Winter Start Students) to discuss housing accommodation requests

  2. Complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form and submit documentation of disability by July 3 (Fall Start Students) or November 10 (Winter Start Students).

  3. Students who complete the process by the above timeline will be notified of a decision by July 10 (Fall Start Students) or prior to winter break (Winter Start Students) via CC email.
Students can email to set up an appointment.

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