Mission and Vision

Explore our Mission and vision as the Residential Experience team!

Mission: Build inclusive communities that foster a sense of belonging and promote student engagement, learning, and leadership.

Vision: To create a transformational residential experience that prepares students to positively impact their communities and create a socially just society.

Values and Objectives


  • Equity & Inclusion 
    • We embrace the college's commitment to Antiracism and strive cultivate communities where students of all backgrounds can thrive. 
  • Learning & Leadership 
    • We foreground student learning and development to empower our residents to embrace life long learning and leadership.
  • Intentionality
    • We act with purpose and challenge our students to do the same.
  • Wellness 
    • We recognize the reality of the contemporary student experience and center student safety and physical and mental wellness.
  • Community 
    • We acknowledge the power of individuals and cultivate purposeful opportunities for staff and students positively engage with their communities


Objective Areas:

  1. Student Success & Engagement
  2. Staff Recruitment, Development & Training
  3. Housing & Facilities
  4. Safety and Security
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