Documentation Guidelines

Students should contact Accessibility Resources for guidance on the documentation needed for their individual situations. Relevant documentation from external sources can help to establish the student's eligibility for accommodations. Students who do not have documentation are encouraged to meet with our staff to explore options for support.

  • Description of the disability, including the diagnosis, history, significance, and expected duration when applicable.
  • The current impacts of the disability in an educational setting.
  • Past use and effectiveness of accommodations.
  • Recommendations that are related to the impact of the disability.
  • Date of evaluation/assessment. The age of acceptable documentation is dependent upon the disability.

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  • Reports and/or assessments created by healthcare providers, psychologists, or the educational system (e.g., a psychoeducational evaluation).
  • Documents that reflect education and accommodation history, such as an Individual Education Program (IEP), Summary of Performance (SOP), and teacher observations.

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Please keep the following in mind:

  • Accessibility Resources may ask the student to provide additional information if necessary.
  • Documentation must come from a qualified practitioner who is not a family member of the student.
  • Students should keep a copy of the documentation for their personal records. Accessibility Resources may destroy/delete documentation and other disability-related information seven years after a student leaves the college.
  • Documentation accepted by Colorado College might not be accepted by other institutions, agencies, and/or programs (e.g., testing agencies, licensure exams, and certification programs). Please check with the specific organizations and/or programs to determine their documentation requirements.
  • Accessibility Resources will make the final determination of reasonable accommodations.


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