Because of the intensive nature of the block plan, the emphasis on participation in classes, and the significance of student contributions to the learning process, attendance is almost always an essential requirement for courses at Colorado College. Therefore, exceptions to attendance policies are rarely granted for disability-related reasons. (Please refer to the college's course attendance policy for additional information on attendance requirements that apply to all students.)

Requests for exceptions to attendance policies will be considered on a case-by-case basis for each course. It is the student's responsibility to contact both the professor and Accessibility Resources, preferably no less than four weeks prior to the beginning of the block, to request consideration of a modification to the attendance policy for a course. This will allow time for Accessibility Resources and the professor to use a deliberative process to determine if absences beyond those stated on the course syllabus constitute a substantial alteration to essential course requirements. The student will be notified of the decision prior to the beginning of the block for which the exception is requested. If approved, the notification will include information on the number of allowed absences and on essential course requirements that cannot be altered or rearranged (e.g., labs, field work, group presentations).

Students should keep the following in mind regarding course attendance:

  • There are only 18 days of class in a three and a half week block. Therefore, every class day is critical to the course.
  • In order to keep up with the block plan's accelerated timeline, students should make every attempt to attend class, take exams and quizzes at scheduled times, and to observe deadlines for submission of assignments.
  • Absences are likely to have a negative impact on academic performance because of the content and interactive learning missed by not being in class.
  • Students should plan ahead of time to get notes from a classmate if absences are anticipated. Accessibility Resources does not provide notes for students who are absent from class.
  • Students are responsible for reporting absences directly to professors in accordance with course policies and may need to provide verification of the immediate event that was the reason for the absence.

For additional information on attendance or other accommodations and services, please contact Accessibility Resources.

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