Accommodations & Faculty Notification

Reasonable accommodations are determined by Accessibility Resources in collaboration with the student. Information the student provides on the past use and effectiveness of accommodations is important in helping us determine what may be beneficial for the student at Colorado College. We will also take into account the current impact of the student's disability in an educational setting. Communication between the student and Accessibility Resources is key to ensuring that appropriate accommodations are in place.

We will make every effort to implement reasonable and effective accommodations. However, requests for accommodations that are not supported by appropriate documentation, that fundamentally alter the college's programs or requirements, or that result in undue burden may be denied. At any time, students may request that accommodation decisions be provided to them in writing.

Students can request changes to approved accommodations at any time. Please schedule a time to meet with an Accessibility Resources staff member to discuss accommodation requests.

Faculty Notification Letters

Students are responsible for notifying professors of any need for accommodation in a course prior to the beginning of a block or early enough for faculty to implement reasonable accommodations. Students must request that a faculty notification letter listing the approved accommodations that a student plans to use for a class be sent to the professor via AR Online Services. Additionally, students should meet with professors to discuss how accommodations will best work for each course. Students and faculty are encouraged to contact Accessibility Resources if assistance is needed in determining how best to implement accommodations.

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