Taking Time Off from CC

A student may decide to take a leave of absence from their studies at Colorado College for many different reasons. These might include pursuing a personal, professional or volunteer opportunity, recovering from a health concern, or assisting in a family matter at home that requires the student’s attention. In any of these cases, students must be in close communication with the Advising Hub so that the College is aware of the student’s intent, and so that Hub advisors can ensure that students understand the policies and impacts of taking time away from CC. There are three types of leave that occur at Colorado College:


All students wishing to take a block off must be granted permission from their Hub advisor. To initiate this process, please email your Hub advisor who will reach out to you if they have additional questions or concerns.

When taking a single block off, please be aware that students enrolled in three or more blocks per semester are full-time students and must still pay a full semester of tuition, room and board, and fees. There is no refund for taking a block off. Part-time students (those enrolled in 2 or fewer blocks per semester) will be billed the per-block charge equivalent to one-third of a semester for each block enrolled.


A Leave of Absence (LOA) is defined as taking more than one block off in a row. Students considering an LOA should complete this form to begin the process. Based on your individual circumstances, you may be strongly encouraged to connect with other offices through this process (i.e Financial Aid Office, International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)) to discuss how a leave might impact their status.

After receiving your request, your Hub advisor will schedule an appointment with you to discuss your LOA.  Hub advisors will ensure that students fully understand the College policies and will help them determine how a leave affects academic progress to degree. Hub advisors also must approve the status before students are formally placed on a leave.

Be aware that LOA is a formal status with the College known as “Withdrawal with an Intent to Return.” During this time, they will not be actively enrolled at CC and will not have the privileges afforded to enrolled students, such as access to CC facilities, residence halls, or a meal plan. Their Gold Card will also be deactivated.


All students permanently withdrawing from the College (e.g., transferring to another institution) are required to schedule an exit interview with Kieran Bennett. Until a student has officially withdrawn, completed the necessary paperwork, and received written authorization from the Hub, no refund of the general obligation deposit will be considered.

To receive a refund, a student must give notice of withdrawal by November 1 for Spring Semester. For Fall Semester, to receive a refund a student must give preliminary notice of withdrawal by March 1; final notice must be given by June 15.
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