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The official CC policy on course changes is located here. Students are permitted to add a course in progress during the first two days of a block with the electronic signature (pin code) of a professor. Instructions on how to add a class through Banner are here.
The official CC policy on course changes is located here. Students are permitted to drop a course through 5 p.m. Tuesday of second week of the block. Half-block may be dropped by Thursday at 5 p.m. If a student is not replacing a dropped block course with another block course, they must petition for a block off. Instructions on how to add a class through Banner are here.
Changing your grade track can be done through the Add/Drop menu in Banner through 5 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the block. Before doing so, we strongly suggest you reach out to your Hub advisor about the specific course, particularly if you're considering pre-health or graduate school, as these post-graduate tracks may be more strict about how these courses are graded.
If you haven't already, you should complete the ALEKS Math Assessment. For more information, contact Karen Chui in the Quantitative Reasoning Center.
Placement exams for French and Spanish can be found here. For other languages, contact information for the specific faculty members responsible for placement can also be found here.
  • Summer Courses at CC
    Registration for the summer semester opens with spring preregistration. There is no point bidding; spaces in summer courses are first-come first-served.
  • Summer Courses at Other Institutions
    Contact the Registrar's Office, and be sure to look over the Transfer Credit Guidelines. Credit and General Education requirements must be approved by the Registrar's Office, and major/minor requirements must be approved by individual departments.
Your progress towards completing your Gen Ed requirements can be tracked in Stellic. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your hub advisor/the hub email.

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Advising Questions

Your advisors can be found in Stellic. Navigate to Stellic, click on Track, and the advisors will be listed under the section with your name. The faculty advisor should have the word "primary" next to it.
The definitions and differences between advisors can be found here!
As soon as possible! While students meet with their advisors most frequently during preregistration, this makes preregistration our busiest time. We encourage students to meet with us throughout the year.
  • Hub Advisors
    You can make an appointment with a hub advisor using this link.
  • Faculty Advisors
    To meet with your faculty advisor, contact them directly.

Yes, you can!

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Academic Support

First things first, contact your professor to let them know and discuss options for completing your work. Additional courses of actions include:

  • considering the P/F grading option (Fourth Tuesday at 5 p.m. is the deadline to change your grading track),
  • speaking with your professor about taking an Incomplete grade and completing your work late, or
  • pursuing an Excused grade for the block.
Office hours are often an opportunity to connect with your professor 1-1 and discuss your progress, class material, and other subjects. Consider reaching out to your professor if:
  • You’re sick
  • You’re struggling with coursework
  • You have questions you don’t want to ask in class
If you're considering seeking an accommodation for a permanent or temporary disability, contact Accessibility Resources.
Professional staff and peer tutors from the Ruth Barton Writing Center are here to help!
Professional staff and peer tutors from the Quantitative Reasoning Center are here to help!
Accessing academic support services at Colorado College is included in your tuition.
  • CONTACT YOUR HUB ADVISOR OR THE HUB! We can help you walk through your options and discuss impacts.
  • If the deadline hasn't already passed (5 p.m. on fourth Tuesday), consider switching to the Pass/Fail grade track.

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International Opportunities

The Center for Global Education and Field Study is here to help discuss academic and professional opportunities both in the US and beyond. Based on what kind of opportunity you're looking for, you can determine which staff member to contact here.
The Course Approval Database lists courses that students in the past have gotten approved for various off-campus study semester programs. For further information or to petition additional courses, contact Heather Powell Browne.
Information on summer abroad opportunities can be found on the Summer Blocks Away Overview page.

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