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What can the Advising Hub help me with?

In short, everything! We work to connect students with faculty advisors, career coaches, campus resources, clubs and organizations, and many other departments and support services on campus. Even if you’re not sure if the Advising Hub can help – stop by! We’ll work to get you pointed in the right direction.

Can I change my major or faculty advisor at the Advising Hub?

Yes! While the Advising Hub does not provide academic advising as in depth as your faculty advisor, it can provide you with guidance on major exploration and match you with the appropriate faculty advisor.

Will I receive all academic advising and course selection at the Advising Hub?

No. The Advising Hub works to connect students with the appropriate faculty advisor based on interests, goals and intended major. The Advising Hub assists students in exploring all options available at CC and can assist in monitoring academic progress. It does not, however, provide extensive academic advising regarding course selection and major requirement. We encourage students to explore these options with their assigned faculty advisor throughout their time here at CC. 

Do I have to utilize the Advising Hub for academic advising?

No. Students are not required to utilize the Advising Hub, but it is highly encouraged. Incoming students will automatically be matched with a faculty advisor regardless of whether or not they have had a meeting with the Advising and Fellowship Specialist. It will then be up to the student to seek out additional resources, such as the Registrars Office, if a change is necessary. The Advising Hub serves as a support service to students and can be a great resource for exploring various opportunities at CC, but it is not a requirement for registering for courses. 

How often should I make an appointment with the Advising Hub?

As many times as you’d like! Whether you’re in need of exploring various majors and career paths, or you’re curious about fellowships and other financial aid opportunities, or you’d just like to see what’s happening on campus – we encourage you to stop by! The Advising Hub works to keep track of all students’ major and advisor changes, research projects, study abroad destinations and fellowship applications, so we encourage continued collaboration with the Hub in order to better assist with all future endeavors.