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    2019 Off-Campus Summer Blocks

    Financial Aid for Summer 2019 Blocks Off-Campus

    The financial aid application for Summer 2019 will be available on Summit starting at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, December 3rd. Enrollment for Summer 2019 courses opens on Banner on Monday, December 10th. Watch this page for more information and updates. See Summer Billing and Finances for more information, including eligibility and how to apply.

    Below is the listing of Summer 2019 CC programs off-campus. 

    The cost for each off-campus summer course consists of two charges that will be billed to your account in early April: In the costs column below, (T) is Tuition and (PF) is Program Fee. Tuition for one unit of credit in Summer 2019 is $4600. Note that CC Undergrads may use their Wild Card to offset one unit of tuition.


    Country, Course Title and Number


    All-College Requirements


    May 26 to July 5

    Brazil - 2.0 units
    PG297: Accelerated Portuguese Language and Afro-Brazilian Cultures

    Wood L T: $9,200 (or Wild Card + $4,600) 
    PF: $4,300 + airfare
    May 29 to June 21

    AN208: Indigenous Rights and the Environment in the Ecuadorian Amazon

    Leza & Holst

    T: $4,600 or Wild Card
    PF: $2,850 + airfare
    May 29 to June 15

    EN225/EN405: Shakespeare & London

    Hayward T: $4,600 or Wild card 
    PF: $3,725 + airfare
    June 3 to June 21

    FG214/RM200/GR220: Hidden Spaces, Hidden Narratives: Intersectionality Studies in Berlin

    Lewis G, S T: $4,600 or Wild Card 
    PF: $3,800 + domestic airfare (to/from JFK only)

    May 22 to June 19

    Greek Isles
    CL222/CO220/HY200: The World of Odysseus: History & Myth

    Hughes & Sarchett


    T: $4,600 or Wild Card
    PF: $4,050 + airfare

    May 24 to June 24

    RE200/CL222/HY200: Excavating Israel: The Archaeology of Ancient Judaism & Christianity

    Reaves T: $4,600 or Wild Card 
    PF: $4,350 + airfare
    May 21 to June 15

    Italy - 1.5 units
    AH200/CL322/CO220/HY200: Rome, Naples, Sicily: Crossroads of the Ancient Mediterranean

    ThakurBuxton T: $6900 (or Wild Card + $2300)
    PF: $5,000 + airfare
    June 27 to July 19

    PA290: Studying Asia

    Ericson & Matson G, S T: $4,600 or Wild Card 
    PF: $2,500 + airfare
    May 22 to June 13

    EV120: Himalayan Odyssey: Culture, Environment, and Change Among the Sherpa of Shar Khumbu

    Kummel & Coburn G T: $4,600 or Wild Card
    PF: $3,140 + $40 visa + airfare
    June 8 to July 2

    GS236/FR201/FR327: Language and Culture Study in Senegal

    WadeDiop L, G T: $4,600 or Wild Card 
    PF: $3,975 + airfare
    May 23 to July 10

    Spain - 2.0 units
    SP111 or SP211 or SP305/306: Elementary Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Cultural Context and Written Expression/Cultural Context and Critical Analysis

    Ruiz    L

    T: $9,200 (or Wild Card + $4,600)
    PF: $6,550 + domestic airfare (to/from ORD only)

    June 24 to July 18

    U.S. - Los Angeles
    FM200: Psychoanalysis, Culture, and Society

    Krzych T: $4,600 or Wild Card 
    PF: $3,850 +travel

    Important Note: Petitions

    Please note that if you intend to pursue a NON-CC off-campus summer program, you must petition the Colorado College International Studies Committee in advance (by May 1) if you wish to transfer the credit to CC. Colorado College does not award retroactive transfer credit if international summer study has not been approved in advance. Check with the Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study, Heather Powell Browne, for more information and for access to the online petition form.