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CC offers a wide range of Faculty-led summer programs each year.  On this page you can get essential information about the format for CC Summer Blocks Away, then visit our Past Programs page to see an array of courses offered in recent years.  Our listing of the upcoming summer's courses is typically added in late October, with applications available late November.  There is also a page dedicated to billing and aid for summer blocks.  You will find link buttons at the bottom of this page as well as several PDF files on subjects relevant to summer study away with Colorado College. 

A Summer Block Away is just what you might expect, a single course, taught by CC faculty, that takes place pretty much anywhere beyond the CC campus and El Paso county.  Colorado College typically offers between 10-16 different destinations each year, ranging from cosmopolitan cities like Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Tokyo, to the rural Himalayas, the Ecuadorian rain forest, or the plains of Castile in Spain.  

All coursework is CC coursework, built into our curriculum and requiring no outside transcripts or transfer of credit.  The courses travel, live, and learn with CC faculty and staff, offered with our major and general education program, often offering collegewide graduation requirement options.  

CC Summer Blocks Away are a chance to expand your studies, build towards a minor or major, blend disciplinary knowledge with experiential learning, and dip your toes into the welcoming waters of study abroad, maybe a stepping stone to a semester away someday, maybe just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore.  

Every November the list of the upcoming summer's Block Away programs is released, and in late November or early December we hold our Summer Blocks Away Fair in the Worner Center.  This year's Summer Blocks Away Fair will be November 30, from 12-2pm in the Worner Campus Center, to announce the Summer 2024 offerings. Students can explore all the options, speak with the faculty leading the program, and decide if any of this year's programs are good fits for their interests and academic goals. 

Global Education always recommends that students apply as early in the application window as possible.  Many programs use rolling admissions and can potentially close before the January window closure.  It is always best to speak with the faculty leader(s) about your interest, and to apply as early in the window as you are able to give yourself the best opportunity to join a given program. 

Once you have a program selected, apply on the Summit online platform (Global Education portal) by the end of January to be considered for both program approval and a potential financial aid award to help reduce the cost of travel. When you complete the Summit application for the CC Summer Program you are interested in, you are then automatically also reviewed for financial aid eligibility - there is no separate application for summer aid for Blocks Away. Awards can cover up to 90% of the course's program fee as well as the anticipated cost of airfare to get you there. 

A Summer Block Away has two charges.  The first is CC summer tuition.  Most programs are 1-unit (1 block) courses, which means they have the standard charge for a summer block, just as if it were on campus.  The great news is that if this is your first summer course at CC, the "Wild Card" grant is automatically applied to your account, wiping out the tuition charge as if it were a coupon or gift card for one free summer class.  

The second portion of the cost is the program fee.  These typically range anywhere from $1,500-$5,000, depending on the course, the location, and the length of stay.  Program fees cover the costs on site for the off-campus course, including all housing, ground transportation, excursions, instruction, group activities, group meals, and both travel and health insurance (for international programs).  The program fee also includes a meal allowance for any meals not set up as full-group meals.  Summer Blocks have aid specific to this program fee.  There is no separate application for aid. 

Students approved for summer courses are automatically reviewed for aid eligibility.  Students who receive need-based aid at the College for their academic year costs are eligible to also receive aid specific to the summer block away program costs.  Aid recipients are typically notified of their award within 2 weeks of the application deadline, in plenty of time to decide if the program is financially viable for them.  

Airfare is not included in the program fee, but is calculated as part of the program cost for all aid awards, meaning a student who receives a 60%, 80% or 90% award would receive that percentage of coverage for both the program fee and the estimated airfare charge (based on round trip to/from Denver).

Summer programs all have a withdrawal deadline of March 15.  Students who withdraw by that date pay no program fee charges and are not penalized for their change of heart.  Withdrawal after this deadline can result in late withdrawal fees.  These fees are outlined on our Billing & Finance For Summer Blocks Away page

NOTE: The Summer in Spain program typically has an earlier February 15 withdrawal deadline due to the need to book a group flight (Chicago-Madrid) for a large student group.  

If you are a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident: If you have never obtained a passport and are in need of financial support in applying for a passport to participate in a CC off-campus program, you may apply for an Academic Opportunities Grant to help cover some of those expenses. 

If you have a U.S. Passport, be sure to check that the passport is valid for 6 months after the end date of your program.  Many countries will not allow entry with a passport that is within six months of its expiration date. 


Times required to obtain a new passport or to renew a passport have grown considerably over the past year.  It now can take 4 months or longer to obtain a renewal or a new passport with standard service.  Even expedite service can take up to 3 month to process.  If you need a new passport or need to renew your passport, we recommend that you do so immediately, even before application and approval for a block away. 

If you are an International Student, studying in the USA on an F-1 or J-1 visa, please note you may have additional costs and requirements not common for U.S. citizens.  These include:
  • You may be required to obtain a visa for entry to the program’s host country when U.S. citizens do not. Visas commonly require paying a fee.
  • You may need to schedule visa appointments through consular offices outside of Colorado and travel independently to these appointments.
  • You may need to apply early in advance for these time slots.
  • Financial aid does not cover any of these costs connected to applying for these visas for any block off-campus programs

If you believe you will need financial support in order to obtain the necessary visa for a program to which you have been accepted, please contact Global Education.  Funds are available (on a limited basis) from Global Education. 

Friday, March 15, 2024 
Students may withdraw from any Summer 2024 off-campus course by this date and incur no program fee charges. Later withdrawals can lead to a portion of the program fee being billed to the student as a nonrefundable charge.

Thursday, November 21 from 12:00pm-2:00pm
Worner Center Lobby
Faculty leaders for all the 2025 Summer Off-Campus Blocks will be on hand to provide you with the information you need to pick the best summer study away option for you. 

November 31, 2024 - January 17, 2025
Applications are open on Summit through January 17.  All students who apply during this window are reviewed for aid eligibility and aid awards are granted by the end of the month.  Applications may be accepted outside of the window, but aid may not be available after the window closes in January. 
Global Education always recommends that students apply as early in the application window as possible.  Many programs use rolling admissions and can potentially close before the January window closure.  It is always best to speak with the faculty leader(s) about your interest, and to apply as early in the window as you are able to give yourself the best opportunity to join a given program. 

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