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2021 Off-Campus Summer Blocks

COVID-19 & CC Summer Blocks Away

Please see our recent video updates on "Returning to Study Abroad in 2021" on our COVID-19 Updates page(Sept. 2020) and "Summer Study Abroad 2021 Finances" (January 2021) available through the link included here. 

We continue to regularly monitor and communicate with each of our partner programs and CC faculty on the plans to offer and support 2021 study abroad program options, in conjunction with U.S. State Department and CDC travel restrictions and guidance. 

All Summer 2021 programs will undergo an initial viability (Safety & Travel Restriction) review in January and then a final review in March (Block A) or April (Block B).  Programs which are not able to meet the required safety or travel viability goals during the March/April reviews will be canceled at that time.  If a program is canceled, students enrolled in that program will not be billed the program fee or tuition for the canceled course.  We recommend that all students defer purchase of airfare for any summer program until after the March/April review and program decision.

For more information on the financial model, program fees and aid awards for 2021, please reference the link to our Summer 2021 Finances video above. 

Summer Block Away Costs: While in most years summer courses abroad include a summer tuition fee and a program fee, the unique nature of the 2020-2021 academic year has altered this model.  For 2021 each off-campus (away/abroad) summer course will continue to have a program fee, however most students will not be billed for summer tuition as the summer course will fulfill one of the 10 allowed academic year courses which are covered by standard academic year tuition.  Please review the video linked above for details on how tuition will be billed for Summer courses.  Only students who have used their 10 courses prior to their summer block abroad will be billed summer tuition.  Students who fall in this category can use their Wild Card to cover these costs if they have a Wild Card available.  

Program Fees cover the following: Housing, Meal Stipend, Excursions & Insurance during program dates. Travel costs (Airfare, etc.) to/from the program start and end point are not included in the program fee, however these are calculated into any aid award provided. Students are responsible for any additional costs not covered by the program fee and should consult with the faculty leader about out-of-pocket costs to anticipate. Group flights are included within the Program Fee when indicated below.

Dates Course Title Instructors All College Requirements Program Fee Program Status

May 26-June 23

Block A

GREECE: CO222: The World of the Odyssey

B. Sarchett & L. Hughes


Program Canceled due to COVID-19 Safety & Travel Restrictions. 

June 1-June 19

Block A

 BERLIN, GERMANY: FG214: Hidden Spaces, Hidden Narratives

H. Lewis

 G or S


Program Canceled due to COVID-19 Safety & Travel Restrictions. 

May 27-June 19

Block A

ECUADOR: AN208: Indigenous Environmental Activism in Ecuador

J. Holst

A. Hernandez-Lemus

G or S


Program Canceled due to COVID-19 Safety & Travel Restrictions. 

May 26-June 18

Block A

NEPAL: EV120: Himalayan Odyssey M. Kummel & B. Coburn



Program Awaiting March Final Review.

May 27-June 19

Block A

LA, USA: FM200:Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society

S. Krzych


Program Awaiting Domestic Travel Clearance

June 2-June 18

Block A

ITALY: Greek & Roman Art & History AH206/ CL223/ HY200

S. Thakur & R. Buxton


Program Awaiting March Final Review





July 2- August 2

Block B

ISRAEL: RE200/HY222/CL200: Excavating Israel

P. Reaves L


Program Awaiting April Final Review 

July 1- July 18

Block B

London, UK: EN224/405 Shakespeare in London

S. Hayward


Program Awaiting April Final Review

June 15-July 8

Block B

DENMARK: Kierkegaard in Copenhagen

R. Furtak


Program Awaiting April Final Review

June 28-July 21

Block B

BALI, INDONESIA: MU222/PA250: The Arts & Culture of Bali

M. Lasmawan & E. Macy G


Program Awaiting April Final Review

June 28-July 21

Block B

JAPAN: JA/PA 350 Food in Japanese Literature & Culture

J. Ericson & J. Matson Requires 2 prior Japanese courses or COI. 


Program Awaiting April Final Review.


November 2 - January 8, 2021: Priority application window for consideration for financial aid

January 10, 2021 - February 14, 2021: Program application remains open in Summit.  

After February 14, 2021: Applications will still be accepted on a space-available basis, although under-enrolled programs may be canceled after February 14. For this reason interested students are strongly encouraged to apply by February 14 if they are intending to apply for one of these courses.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY:  Students may withdraw from any 2021 Summer Program by February 14 with no financial responsibility to the program.  Withdrawals after February 14 may require billing for nonrefundable program expenses.  In the event that Colorado College were to cancel the program students would not be billed any program fee expenses. 

Petitioning for non-CC summer programs:

CC does not maintain an approved list of non-CC summer programs, the way we do for the fall and spring semesters. In the summer, we encourage CC students to apply for one of the CC summer programs led by our own faculty. If you wish to pursue an academic course abroad in the summer in a subject that is not represented in the above slate of CC summer programs for that year, you may submit a Summer Petition through Summit to have the credits reviewed for transferability. The study abroad program must issue you a transcript upon completion from an accredited academic university, college, or institution. Language schools which are not accredited and experiential learning organizations which do not offer academic credit are not eligible for petition.

Please be aware that there is typically no additional financial aid from CC for study abroad programs in the summer that are not run through CC. You may have some remaining loan eligibility (check with Financial Aid), and can apply for outside scholarships or program scholarships to help defray the cost.

Students who do not petition in Summit in advance for non-CC summer study abroad programs will not be able to transfer credit towards their CC degree. The deadline in Summit to submit a Summer Petition for Non-CC Program Abroad is April 1 each year for the upcoming summer.

Last updated: 02/16/2021