Exchange Students


Colorado College students study on the Block Plan, where they take one class at a time for three-and-a-half weeks. With an average class size of 16 students and a 10:1 student to faculty ratio, Colorado College students experience an intense, focused and intimate learning environment. The unique schedule of the Block Plan provides opportunities for students to connect with their classmates, take off-campus field trips and fully engage with the subject they are studying. A typical day's schedule includes three hours of class in the morning, and some disciplines include afternoon classes (involving labs, film screenings, etc.) as well.


To be eligible to apply as an exchange student, students must:
•have completed at least one year of full-time university studies;
•be in good academic standing;
•obtain a letter certifying their English language proficiency by an academic institute or English language school, issued on letterhead with printed name and signature of school official;
•have a letter of nomination from their university.

How to Apply

Steps to take:

1. Apply to Colorado College's exchange program via your home school's international office.
2. Your home school nominates you to Colorado College by submitting your Nomination form.
3. After your nomination is accepted, you will receive an email from Colorado College with further instructions to complete the application.
4. Complete the application before the deadline date.

Application Deadlines

Fall Term (August - December): May 31st
Spring Term (January - May): October 15th

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