Field Trip Procedures

Trip Plan Submission Form

Please submit no later than 1 week prior to trip departure.

Trip plan template

This process is designed to accomplish a number of goals:

Providing consistent legal consent forms across departments (with some variance for trips that go into backcountry settings)

Requiring students to provide self-reported medical history, for faculty to review and be aware of in case of an emergency

Having a real-time database that includes information on when and where field trips will be taken so that the Office of Field Study (OFS) can assist in an emergency situation, whether the emergency occurs on the trip, in the vicinity of the trip, or at CC

Creating a database of field trips and the various community partners and field sites used across CC departments

Click HERE to request the Handbook for Domestic Field Study

Field trips that need to go through this process are defined as:

Any trip that leaves CC as a class (i.e. not an independent student assignment) and leaves El Paso County should fill out a plan.

Any trip that goes into a remote or backcountry setting (any place where getting an injured or sick person to an ambulance would take more than 1 hour).

The OFS is on hand to assist with any part of this process.

The process for field trips will work as follows:

1.At least one week before a trip, paraprofessionals, department staff and/or faculty should send the OFS a trip plan which has an itinerary for the trip, any special instructions for what to bring, and any behavioral stipulations (i.e. no alcohol, business attire, guide to cultural interactions, etc) specific to the trip. Trips that go into "backcountry" settings should work with the OFS to provide an extra layer of information such as ranger phone numbers, very specific site locations, evacuation options, weather reports etc.

2.Based on the trip plan, the OFS creates a trip on the Summit program. The OFS can train departmental paraprofs and staff (and interested faculty) to do this as well.

3.Students will "register" for the trip on Summit. They will electronically sign the legal forms and medical history form, saving loads of paper. They can also learn what to bring, when/where to meet, and expectations for behavior.

4.Faculty and paraprofs on the trip will be have a leader packet to take on the trip, with student phone numbers, emergency info, medical form, and any logistical information for the trip.

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