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How To Apply

Applying for Semester or Year-Long Programs Off-Campus

CC Internal Application Deadlines in Summit:

-- For Fall Semester/Year off-campus: Complete CC Internal Application for Off-Campus Study in Summit by March 15.
Early application is strongly encouraged (application usually opens in early November), late applications are not allowed. Confirm or cancel your leave in Summit by May 1.

-- For Spring Semester off-campus: Complete CC Internal Application for Off-Campus Study in Summit by October 15.
Early application is strongly encouraged, late applications are not allowed. Confirm or cancel your leave in Summit by December 1.

Semester and year-long off-campus study is generally open to sophomores, juniors, and fall-semester seniors. In addition to meeting the application requirements of the program you are applying to, you must also be in good academic and disciplinary standing at CC, and obtain your academic advisor's approval to study off-campus through the CC Internal Application process in Summit. Students who are currently on academic or judicial probation may not be eligible to study off-campus.

Studying off-campus always requires an application completed in Summit. You can access the Center for Global Education & Field Study's Summit portal via the CC Single Sign-In, using your CC login. Once you've identified the program that best meets your academic goals for off-campus study, and have met with your academic advisor, you are ready to start the application process.

Most students get in to their first choice program, especially when applying early, and so you may only submit one CC Internal Application to one top-choice program in Summit. If you meet the program's requirements and apply early in the application cycle, you will likely not need a backup program. If you think you may need to consider a backup program, please set up a time to meet with Heather Powell Browne in Global Education, to discuss. If for any reason you do not get in to your first choice program, we will work with you to submit a second CC Internal Application and cancel the first; be in touch with us to discuss this. Our deadlines are early, as many programs have rolling admission. You should NOT wait until your program's deadline to apply!


  • CC Faculty-Led Semesters and Half-Semesters (such as the Fall programs CC TREE Semester, CC in Germany, CC in Latin America, or the Spring programs CC in France, CC in China, and CC in Russia): You only need to complete the one application on Summit; look for the specific application for the program you are applying for. Ideally you will have also have talked with the faculty director of the program before you begin the application, to let them know of your interest and to learn any special application pre-reqs that may exist. Deadlines for CC Faculty-Led Semesters Off-Campus vary by program; see Summit for details and ask the faculty director.
  • CC-Approved Partner Programs: All students participating in one of these programs will complete two applications--the CC Internal Application for Off-Campus Study on Summit, as well as the program-specific application for the program you are applying for (found on the program's website). You can apply in any order (Summit application, partner program application) but be aware that the final step of most partner program applications is that we (CC Global Education) have to submit an approval form on your behalf saying you are approved to do this program and in good standing at CC. We cannot complete any forms for your program until you have been approved through the CC Internal Application in Summit, so please plan accordingly.
  • Petitioning for non-approved programs: Please see this page for detailed information

When to apply? In general, students complete the CC Internal Application at the beginning of the semester prior to the one that you wish to be studying off-campus. See deadlines box above. You should start working on the actual program application as soon as possible when the Summit application opens up, regardless of when the program lists their application deadlines. Some programs have very early deadlines for the program application itself, as early as December or January, for the following year. Always make sure to check the program's website directly to make sure you are within their deadlines as well as CC's.

If you need to order a transcript to send to the program you are applying for, you need to request that and complete the release form through the Registrar's Office.

Any approval forms (sometimes called Home School Nomination, Advisor Approval, etc) that your program requires that CC submit on your behalf can only be completed after you successfully complete the CC Internal Application and are approved for off-campus study via Summit, so that is your first step. You can request those forms be sent to/completed by Heather Powell Browne, Assistant Director of Global Education, at

Submitting the CC Internal Application for Off-Campus Study is not binding. Once you submit it through Summit, you have time to apply to the partner program itself and decide for sure if you are committing to go. You must submit final confirmation in Summit to CC of your plans by December 1 for Spring semesters off-campus, or by May 1 for Fall semesters off-campus. That means you need to be accepted by your program by that point and have submitted your deposit. Do not wait to apply for your program, even if their application deadline is much later than the internal CC deadlines!


For information about petitioning for a non-approved program, please see this page

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