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Colorado College's Block Plan is not only an innovative academic model for study on campus, it is a gateway to study abroad and away.  Whether it is a single course, led by a CC faculty member that takes students across the country or around the world, a summer course far from campus, a multiple-block program led by a team of CC faculty, a semester, or even a full year away, the possibilities are vast and the programs engaging, transformative, and high impact for our students. 

Thanks to a combination of flexible scheduling, a broad pool of faculty-led and partner-sponsored programs, and financial aid policies designed to minimize the financial impact of selecting to study away, Colorado College has made study away a reality for upwards of 70% of all graduates over the past decade.  It is not uncommon to see 70%, 75%, even 80% of all graduates in a given year with study away on their transcripts, in many cases with more than one experience.  Off-campus study is a highly-valued academic endeavor that can add perspective, challenge, and insight into any area of study at Colorado College, for all majors and minors.

Students choosing an off-campus study program to pursue have many options at Colorado College, meeting a variety of academic needs. The Global Education staff look forward to working with you to make study away possible and to make sure it is an intentional, interconnected, and impactful part of your undergraduate education at Colorado College. 

A Variety of Study Away Models

Colorado College provides students with a wide range of study away options, making maximum use of the Block Plan to provide experiences across the academic year and summer.  Students can opt for any one or more of these options over the span of their CC career:

    Picture a block length course, 3.5 weeks, with one of Colorado College's outstanding faculty working with a group of CC students intensively in a single field of study.  Now picture that group in Tokyo, or Berlin, or the Andes.  That is what block away is at CC.  No transfer credits, no student visas required, just a group of students and the faculty leader together, experiencing a new place, engaging with a new community, and taking their learning into the world.  And, unlike most schools with semesters or quarters, where single-course study away is very limited, at CC, the Block Away can happen during any block from September to May.  In a typical year CC will offer 12-16 different courses across the entire 8-block academic year.  It could be Block 2 in Paris, Block 4 in India, Block 6 in Chile, or Block 8 in Los Angeles.  Programs can be domestic or international, in any discipline offered at the college. No conflicts with other courses, no complex inter-university agreements, the same high quality Colorado College educational experience enhanced with local experts, site visits, and learning through both experience and academic study. 


    While the academic year features 8 potential blocks when faculty can offer their course at an off-campus site, the summer provides 3 additional blocks.  Each summer Colorado College faculty offer between 12-16 additional off-campus block courses, ranging from Shakespeare in London to Dance & Culture in Bali, Spanish language in the heart of Castile to Ecology and human impact on the environment in the Nepalese Himalayas.  All courses are CC credit and are led by our own faculty.  Students can even use the college's unique Summer Wild Card to waive summer tuition charges for their first summer program (on campus or around the world).  


    In addition to individual blocks that travel the world, Colorado College currently sponsors 7 unique semester (4-block) and half-semester (2-block) programs.  They include the TREE Semester, which focuses on Environmental Education in rural Colorado, to language programs for Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and German.  Many of the 4-block semester programs also offer the option for students to attend only the first 2 blocks or the final 2 blocks, depending on their schedules.  Flexibility, academic rigor, and experiential learning with a deeper immersion capacity over 7-15 weeks, and all without the need to transfer in external credit. 


    Beyond the faculty-led semesters, half-semesters, and individual blocks, the Global Education Office curates a pool of between 120-140 different partner-sponsored semester and academic year opportunities.  Some are exchange programs or direct enrollment opportunities with renown universities across the globe, others are multi-disciplinary programs designed specifically for U.S. college students to study abroad, and other still are targeted deep-engagement programs in fields such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Environmental Science or language study.  With all partner semesters, CC students are asked to pay the standard semester tuition at CC and the program charges for housing, meal plans, and insurance of the provider, allowing all standard CC financial aid to travel with the student and making it possible for a student to select a program without concern of a higher semester expense than they would  expect if they were on campus. 
Over 160 opportunities each year, in formats from short-term to full year, with courses and opportunities for every major, every interest, and every continent (except perhaps Antarctica, but we can possibly make that work as well.)

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