Block Courses Off-Campus




A range of CC courses are taught off-campus during each academic year.  Academic Year Block Away Programs are announced in January or February of the year prior to their departure, beginning with the Blocks Away Fair.  Students are then encouraged to apply during the Application Window for each program, with a window for Blocks 1-8 each February/March and a supplemental window for Block 7-8 courses in the first block of the following year.  

How to Apply: Colorado College offers a wide and varying selection of blocks taught off-campus every year. Admission requirements for each block may be handled differently, so interested students should contact the professor or department who is offering the course for any application/interview requirements. The Application Process involves the following steps:

1. Research:  Attend the Block Away Fair, or visit the Global Education webpage to learn about each block offering.  Speak with the Faculty leader for each block, and speak with your advisor about how the block course fits with your academic goals. 
2. Apply on Summit: All Blocks Off-Campus begin with an application form on the Summit software package.  Once submitted, applications are reviewed by the faculty leader for each block.  Leaders may also require additional  application steps such as a questionnaire or interview about the course and the student's interests.  The application for aid awards is built into the program/course application.  As there is a limited aid allowance each year, students should apply during the application window to maximize their potential to receive an aid award.  Late applicants often can be shut out of aid consideration. 
Complete Online Forms:  Once accepted into the program, students receive copies of key forms and waivers which must be completed.  These are uploaded to the same Summit application already approved. 
4. Class Enrollment: Once all required forms are uploaded on Summit, students will receive the Consent of Instructor Code needed to register for the course during standard pre-registration and registration periods for the Fall or Spring.  Since only students who have been accepted into the travel program can enroll in the course, there is no need to use registration points or to be concerned about the course closing. 

Timing: The primary application window for Academic Year Blocks Away typically begins in January or early February and runs into March.  A secondary application window exclusively for Block 7 or 8 programs is available each Fall during the school year's first block.  Students may apply to a program after the closing of the application window if there remain available slots on the program roster, however, availability of aid is not guaranteed outside of the application window. 

Program Fees: All Off-Campus Blocks charge a program fee to cover the travel expenses (lodging, excursions, local transportation, etc.).  The program fee does not include airfare to the program site.  Most program fees also do not include non-group meal costs, as students receive a refund of the anticipated unused CC meal plan for the block and can use these funds to cover meals during the off-campus block (see below). 

Aid Awards: Students who receive need-based aid are automatically considered for an aid award if they apply for the off-campus block during the standard application window.  Late applicants may not be able to be considered if all aid for the program(s) has been released.  Aid awards are based on the total anticipated cost of the program, which includes the program fee, as well as airfare costs.  Awards are given as a percentage of coverage of this cost, ranging between 20%-90% coverage.  No students receive a 100% award. 

Meals: students who have a Bon Appetit meal plan during the semester in which they enroll in a block off-campus will receive a one-block meal plan refund which can be used for meals abroad. The amount of the refund depends on the meal plan they chose for the semester. All students who have a meal plan and enroll in a course off-campus will receive the refund, even if the program fee includes some meals.

Housing: Students on Blocks Off-Campus retain their housing assignment on Colorado College's campus and are able to leave their belongings in their rooming assignment, with the exception being the final block of the year.  Students do not receive a refund of housing costs for a 1-block study abroad program as they retain their rooming assignment. 

Two Block Programs: All Programs which span multiple blocks are considered either Semester or Half-Semester programs.  These have different application and financial models.  You can explore these programs on our Semesters Away webpage. 


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