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Billing & Finances For Summer Blocks Away

Summer Financial Aid is available for CC Summer programs off-campus/abroad, but the pool of funding is limited, and it is critical that students pay attention to application processes and deadlines.

Eligibility: Aid is available to all Colorado College students who have completed their first semester of study and who are currently on need-based financial aid at the College (FAFSA for U.S. students and CSS Profile for international students). If you have previously received a Summer Financial Aid Award for a Block Away program, you are not eligible to apply again. You must also be enrolled full-time in fall semester to be eligible for aid.

Note that summer aid awards are separate from Academic Year (AY) Blocks Away aid awards, so if you've been awarded an AY award before, you CAN apply for a summer award. Each CC student is eligible for one summer award and one AY award for a Block Away program.

How to apply: Fill out the Summer Blocks off-campus programs application (course specific application) located in SUMMIT under the Center for Global Education & Field Study page. Please note that there is not a separate financial aid application for these Summer courses. All students who apply to a program by the January 26, 2022 deadline will be considered for an aid award for Summer 2022 programs.  Late applicants may not have aid available.  Upon acceptance into a summer away course, applicants will receive an email with instructions for required forms and waivers. Upon Summit submission of these forms the Consent of Instructor (COI) Code will be emailed to students for enrollment on Banner. 

Awards: Any student who applies for financial aid through the SUMMIT application for the Summer 2022 program between November 3 - January 26, 2022 will be considered for financial aid award, and preference will be given to rising seniors, then rising juniors, then rising sophomores. The amount awarded is based on your level of financial need. Summer Financial Aid Awards take into account the total Block Away course costs, including the program fee, estimated airfare, and any additional costs.  Aid awards do not include cost of either summer or academic year tuition. 

Note: If you have an outstanding balance on your student account, no award will be made until the balance is cleared. Awards are not transferable; if you drop your course you must re-apply for an award for a different course (unless your original course was canceled).

The cost of a CC Summer Block Away program contains two elements, a program fee and a tuition fee:

Program fee: This fee covers travel-related expenses of the course such as housing, meals, excursions, entry fees, local transportation, etc. Most do not cover airfare. It is your responsibility to understand what is included in the program fee and what is not covered.

Tuition: The standard CC summer session tuition rate per block.

A note about the Wildcard: The tuition of the first CC Summer class you take, whether on-campus or off-campus/abroad, is covered by an automatic credit called your Wildcard. If you've never taken a summer class at CC before, your Wildcard can be applied to a CC Summer Block Away, to cover the tuition portion on one block. For more details about your Wildcard and eligibility, see the Summer Session website.


Students must officially drop the course online through Summit. Communicating intent to drop to the professor is NOT sufficient.

If you drop a summer course by February 15, there is no late drop penalty.

Withdrawal from a summer course after the February 15 deadline will cause a portion of the program fee to be nonexpendable. If not yet paid, these charges will be billed to you. Nonrefundable or billable costs for a late withdraw are as follows:

  • Greater than 61 days prior to course start date: 25% of program fee.
  • 31-60 days prior to course start date: 50% of program fee.
  • 22-30 days prior to course start date: 75% of program fee.
  • 0-21 days prior to course start date: 100% of program fee.

DEPOSIT: There is no deposit required to register for an off-campus summer course.

US Citizens: If you have never obtained a passport and are need of financial support in applying for a passport to participate in a CC off-campus program, you may apply for an Academic Opportunities Grant to help cover some of those expenses. 

International Students: Please note you may have additional costs and requirements not common for U.S. citizens.  These include:

  • You may be required to obtain a visa for entry to the program’s host country when U.S. citizens do not. These visas almost always require paying a fee.
  • You may need to schedule visa appointments through consulates and embassies located beyond Colorado and travel independently to these appointments.
  • You may need to apply early in advance for these time slots.
  • Financial aid does not cover any of these costs connected to applying for these visas for any blocks off-campus programs.


Please email Allen Bertsche, Director of Global Education for further information.

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