Billing & Finances For Summer Blocks Away



The cost of a CC Summer Block Away program contains two elements, a program fee and a tuition fee:

Program fee: This fee covers travel-related expenses of the course such as housing, meals, excursions, entry fees, local transportation, etc. Most do not cover airfare. It is your responsibility to understand what is included in the program fee and what is not covered.

Tuition: The standard CC summer session tuition rate per block.  Many students utilize the "Wild Card" (below) to cover this cost.

Wild Card:  Every student at CC is permitted one CC summer course without a tuition charge.  The Wild Card is essentially a waiver of the tuition charge and is automatically applied to a student's first summer course at CC.  Students do not need to apply for the Wild Card. It is automatically applied for their first summer course, on campus or through study away with CC. For more details about your Wildcard and eligibility, see the Summer Session website.


To withdraw from a CC Summer Program, students should send an email to both the faculty leader and the Director of Global Education, Allen Bertsche.  The withdrawal date is the date when this email is received by Global Education, so failing to notify Global Education of your intent to withdraw can lead to a delay in your withdrawal becoming official, and potentially a larger nonrefundable program fee component. 


Withdrawal by February 15 will incur no financial commitment to the program by the student.  Withdrawal from a summer course after the February 15 deadline will cause a portion of the program fee to be nonrefundable unless the student's slot on the summer program is filled by another student from the program waitlist.  If no waitlist student is available the charges outlined below will be billed to the student. Nonrefundable or billable costs for a late withdraw are as follows:

  • Greater than 61 days prior to course start date: 25% of program fee.
  • 31-60 days prior to course start date: 50% of program fee.
  • 22-30 days prior to course start date: 75% of program fee.
  • 0-21 days prior to course start date: 100% of program fee and 30% of tuition.


While Colorado College used to require a deposit for all block away programs, this practice has been discontinued in efforts to build greater equity between students with higher and lower financial need.  The College now utlizes a Program Fee Agreement which outlines the program fees, withdrawal deadline and other policies related to program expenses.  Students receive this form when they are approved on Summit by the program faculty.  The student's signature on this document is required to confirm their participation in a block away program. 



Summer Financial Aid is available for CC Summer programs off-campus/abroad, but the pool of funding is limited, and it is critical that students pay attention to application processes and deadlines.

AWARD ELIGIBILITY: Aid is available to all Colorado College students who have completed their first semester of study and who are currently on need-based financial aid at the College (FAFSA for U.S. students and CSS Profile for international students). If you have previously received a financial aid award for a CC AY Block Away (Blocks 1-8) you are not eligible to apply again. Note that AY aid awards are separate from CC Summer Block Away aid awards, so if you've been awarded a summer award before, you CAN apply for an award towards a block during the academic year. Each CC student is eligible for one summer award and one AY award during their degree program.

AWARD SELECTION & COMPOSITION: Awards are granted at the conclusion of each application window.  Several factors are used to determine the awarding of aid. These are:

  • Eligibility:  Student receives need-based aid and has not received an AY Block Away Aid Award in the past. 
  • Program Status:  Aid is awarded after program rosters have been selected.  Students approved for a program are eligible for aid. Students who are waitlisted for a program are also waitlisted for aid consideration until they are invited to join a program.  They then may receive an immediate award or, if no aid remains available, are moved into a waitlist for aid. 
  • Academic Year:  Preference is given to upper division students as they have fewer future opportunities to join a block away.
  • Need Level: Preference is given to students with higher financial need designations as defined by the Financial Aid Office.

Because the Summer Block Aid Pool is limited, CC cannot guarantee aid to all students for any particular program.  We try to accommodate as many students as possible, but it is not uncommon for students with low need or who are in the early years of their CC career to be waitlisted for aid due to a large number of rising seniors or juniors eligible for aid awards. 

The amount awarded is based on your level of financial need. AY Financial Aid Awards take into account the total course costs, including the program fee, estimated airfare, and any additional costs such as a required visa.  Aid awards are determined based on the program fee plus the estimated cost of round trip airfare to/from the program destination.  All aid awards cover a percentage of this estimated total cost, ranging from 20% of coverage to 90% of coverage. No award will cover 100% of the estimated program cost. 

AWARDS & STUDENT ACCOUNTS: If you have an outstanding balance on your student account, no award will be made until the balance is cleared. Awards are not transferable; if you drop your course you must re-apply for an award for a different course (unless your original course was canceled).

Please email Allen Bertsche, Director of Global Education for further information.

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