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    Program Options

    Many Colorado College students choose to study off-campus for one semester, two consecutive semesters/a full academic year, or two non-consecutive semesters. Colorado College maintains a carefully-vetted approved list of programs (listed below) in a wide variety of domestic and international locations and academic disciplines that students may select from. 

    How Do I Pick A Program?

    The process of selecting a semester or year off-campus program is different for every student, depending on academic goals, major and minor, language ability, and other considerations. Here are things to do to help you decide which program below is a good fit:

    • Usually the best place to start is to meet first with your academic advisor (in your major or possible major) to determine what your academic goals will be for your semester or year off-campus. Some students are looking to fulfill a certain major requirement or two, or really perfect their language proficiency, or challenge themselves to think differently about social justice or community learning, or do an internship or research project...the list goes on and on. Once you know more about what you specifically are looking for academically, the easier it will be to find a program that fits. 
    • Discuss also with your advisor when it might make the most sense to go. Students typically study off-campus any time from Spring semester of sophomore year through Fall semester of senior year, depending on courses they should be here on campus to take. Think creatively. 
    • On the First Friday of every block there is a "Planning Your Off-Campus Study" pizza lunch in Tutt Library at 12:15pm. This is a great opportunity to start the process and get all your questions answered.
    • Look at the advising guides available for some academic majors and areas of interest.
    • Check with your department/major handbook to see if there is a section about off-campus study or any recommended programs that they really like. We also are assembling a departmental guide to credit transfer policies.
    • Spend a good chunk of time browsing through the approved programs list below, to get a sense of what is even out there, and the different models and opportunities that you might have through off-campus study that you may have never even imagined existed. 

    Once you have talked with your academic advisor and have a sense of your academic goals, you may also choose to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director of Global Education, Heather Powell Browne.

    Semester & Year-Long

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    Colorado College Programs

    Credits earned are CC credits, grades are calculated into the GPA, and units meet the CC Residency Requirement* 

    CC Teaching & Research in Environmental Education (TREE) Semester (Fall)

    CC in China (Blocks 7 & 8)

    CC Latin America Semester (Argentina and Chile, Fall 2019[cost info here]

    CC Semester in Tours, France (Spring)

    CC Semester in Lüneburg, Germany (Fall[cost info here]

    CC Mediterranean Semester (Italy, Fall 2019)

    CC in Russia (Blocks 7 & 8)

    CC International Student Teaching Program, multiple countries (for students enrolled in teaching licensure program)

    CC Exchange Programs

    Credits earned are transfer credits (must earn a C- or better), grades are not calculated into the GPA, and units meet the CC Residency Requirement*

    Canada – Quest University (2 blocks or more required; preference given to full semester)

    France – Sciences Po (preference given to full-year applicants) 

    Finland – Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Art Department exchange)

    Germany – University of Göttingen or Regensburg (one year exchange program managed by the CC German Department)

    Wales – University of Wales, Aberystwyth 


    ACM Programs

    Credits earned are CC credits, grades are calculated into the GPA, and units meet the CC Residency Requirement* 

    Japan – Japan Study, Waseda University, Tokyo with Earlham College (pre-req of JA101)

    USA – Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities (Fall)

    USA – Oak Ridge Science Semester (Fall)


    CC Approved (Third-Party) Programs

    Credits earned are transfer credit (must earn a C- or better), grades are not calculated into the GPA, and units do not count towards the CC Residency Requirement*

    Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT)
    Computer Science, Creativity, and Software Engineering in Budapest, Hungary (in English)

    Augsburg University
    Social Change in Central America: Exploring Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement (Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua) (Spanish offered at all levels)

    Boston University
    Ecuador – Semester in Tropical Ecology (SP 101 pre-req, as well as specific science courses)
    France – Grenoble Science Semester
    Germany - Dresden Science Semester
    Spain – Madrid Science Semester

    Budapest Semester in Mathematics 
    Budapest Semester in Mathematics Education

    Beijing – Intensive Chinese Language Semester
    Beijing – Chinese Studies & Internship Semester
    Shanghai – Chinese Studies & Internship Semester
    Prague @ FAMU  Film Production, New Media, or Photography
    Prague Semester: Concentrations in  Business & Economics, Jewish Studies, or Central European Studies

    Brazil - Liberal Arts, Rio de Janeiro (pre-req of 2 blocks of beginner Portuguese, or SP201)
    Dominican Republic – Liberal Arts, Santiago (pre-req of SP201)
    Ghana – Arts + Sciences, Legon
    Italy – Language + Culture, Ferrara
    Italy – Liberal Arts, Ferrara (pre-req of IT204)
    Jordan – Advanced Arabic Language, Amman (pre-req of AR 202 plus placement test)
    Jordan – Middle East Studies, Amman
    Korea – Arts + Sciences, Seoul
    Russia – Russian Area Studies, St. Petersburg
    Russia – Russian Language, St. Petersburg (pre-req of RU202)
    Senegal – Language + Culture, Dakar
    South Africa – Arts + Sciences, Cape Town

    College Year in Athens (semester or year)

    DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia (Copenhagen or Stockholm campuses)

    Research semesters in English at top European universities in: Belgium, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland

    Frontiers Abroad
    The Geology of New Zealand
    New Zealand Earth Systems 

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rothberg International School
    Regular semester or year study abroad program, or one of the special focus semesters:
    Jerusalem Sounds program (Music), DanceJerusalem, ArtJerusalem, and Arabic Immersion Program

    HECUA International
    Ecuador – Community Internships in Latin America (pre-req of SP201)
    Italy – Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Justice (Fall)
    New Zealand – New Zealand Culture and the Environment: A Shared Future 
    Northern Ireland – Democracy and Social Change
    Norway – The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging (Fall)

    HECUA Twin Cities
    (programs in Minneapolis/St Paul, all include internship)

    Art for Social Change: Intersections of Art, Identity, and Advocacy (Spring)
    Environmental Sustainability: Ecology, Policy, and Social Transformation (Fall)
    Inequality in America: Policy, Community, and the Politics of Empowerment 
    Making Media, Making Change: Digital Technologies, Storytelling, and Activism 

    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
    Granada, Spain (pre-req of SP101)
    Salamanca, Spain (pre-req of SP201)
    Salamanca Psychology Program (pre-req of SP101)

    IFSA (Institute for Study Abroad) 
    Argentina – Argentine Universities Program, Buenos Aires (pre-req of SP305)
    Argentina - Intensive Spanish Program, AUP Buenos Aires (pre-req of SP201)
    Argentina – Business and Economics in English (no Spanish pre-req: for beginner & intermediate-level speakers)
    Argentina – Psychology in English (no Spanish pre-req: for beginner & intermediate-level speakers)
    Australia – James Cook University, Cairns/Townsville
    Australia – University of Melbourne
    Australia – University of Sydney
    Chile – Chilean Universities Program, Santiago (pre-req of SP305)
    Chile – Chilean Universities Program, Valparaiso (pre-req of SP305)
    England – Oxford University (any available member college)
    England – School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
    England – University College London
    Ireland – National University of Ireland, Galway
    Ireland – University College Dublin
    New Zealand – University of Auckland
    New Zealand – University of Otago
    Scotland – Glasgow School of Art
    Scotland – University of St. Andrews
    Scotland – University of Edinburgh

    ISDSI - International Sustainable Development Studies Institute
    Thailand: People, Ecology & Development

    Kansai Gaidai - Hirakata, Japan
      (For Kansai Gaidai only, grades are calculated into the GPA)

    London School of Economics (LSE)

    General Course (full year only)

    Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)
    African Ecology & Conservation Semester in South Africa

    School for Field Studies
    Costa Rica - Sustainable Development Studies Semester
    Panama - Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies Semester
    Tanzania - Wildlife Management Studies Semester

    Semester in Environmental Science (SES)
    Marine Biological Lab Ecosystems Center - Woods Hole, MA (Fall)

    SIT (School for International Training) 
    All 60+ SIT & IHP programs during the Fall or Spring semester are approved by Colorado College. You can search their available semester programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as comparative programs in multiple locations. SIT programs explore critical global issues: 

    SEA Semester
    Tall ship sailing semester based out of Woods Hole, MA
    Voyages include: 

    • Climate & Society
    • Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean
    • The Global Ocean: New Zealand
    • Marine Biodiversity & Conservation 
    • Ocean Exploration
    • Oceans and Climate
    • Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Ecosystems
    • Caribbean Reef Expedition

    Syracuse University
    Florence, Italy 
    Strasbourg, France

    Temple University Rome (only approved for Art majors & minors)

    Washington Semester (American University)
    Main Seminars:

    * CC Residency Requirement: Students who enter as first-semester, first-year students must complete 24 units of the 32 required for graduation at Colorado College.  Transfer students are required to complete 16 units at Colorado College.

    Petitioning for non-approved semester programs:

    When choosing an off-campus semester program, students should try to select from this list of options that have been approved by the CC International Studies Committee and are regularly reviewed. These programs support the Colorado College curriculum and meet the standards of a high-quality liberal arts education. If, for valid academic reasons, you are considering a program that is not currently on our CC list, you must petition in advance for approval through the International Studies Committee. 

    Students must demonstrate a valid academic need, not met through any existing approved program option; this is usually grounded in a major or minor, so talking to your academic advisor or department early on in the process of considering a petition is strongly encouraged. Please meet with Heather Powell Browne, our Assistant Director of Global Education, well in advance of deadlines to learn more about this process and the criteria for approval, if you think you have a valid academic need to petition. Be aware that the petition process requires more time to complete than applying for an approved program, and has earlier deadlines, because it must be reviewed by the International Studies Committee (ISC). Students who do not petition in advance for non-approved off-campus study programs will not be able to transfer credit into the college.