CC Program in Latin America

FALL 2024: México & Brazil

The CC in Latin America program offers students a unique multidisciplinary experience abroad. The Fall 2024 program provides academic immersion for two blocks in Izamal, México and two blocks in Salvador, Brazil.

Minimum prerequisites: SP201 or placement into SP305.

This is intended as a four-block program, however, students may apply for study in one country for two blocks.

Course Information

Block 1 (Aug 24-Sep 18)

SP312 “Oral Practice and Composition Abroad: Maya Yucatec Cultural Expressions”, Professor Jessica Sánchez

Arrival in Izamal, México: August

In this course, students will explore a diverse array of cultural expressions by contemporary Maya Yucatec artists and creators. Students will immerse into the works of award-winning novelist Sol Ceh Moo, poet Briceida Cuevas Cob, and the groundbreaking Maya rap by ADN Maya Colectivo, featured in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Throughout the course, students will analyze, learn, and engage in the process of unlearning to understand the cultural productions by Maya creators. The focus extends to how these Indigenous creators not only thrive in their communities but engage, navigate, and succeed in a globalized society.

Fulfills 1 unit of the language study requirement.

Block 2 (Sep 23-Oct 16)

Block 2: SP307 “Maya Yucatec Territories, Resistance, and Activism”, Professor Jessica Sánchez

In this course, we will delve into how Maya Yucatec artists, producers, community members, and activists have historically challenged settler colonial nation-states and their allied forces; the oppression and dispossession of native lands; erasure and genocide. We will analyze a variety of media such as literature, photography, art, songs, film, and digital technologies to emphasize listening, visual, bodily, and sensory practices. With this approach, students will have the opportunity to situate and discuss media productions within systemic structures of power and relations. Finally, students will examine how producers intricately interweave racial, ethnic, gender, linguistic, cultural, political, technological, and historical dimensions in their works.

Fulfills 1 unit of the language study requirement. Fulfills 1 unit of Creative Expression.

Block 3 (Oct 21-Nov 13 )

Block 3: PG300 Portuguese for Spanish Speakers, Professor Naomi Wood

Arrival in Salvador Brazil: TBD

Through an immersive language experience, students will study Brazilian Portuguese language and Bahian culture. This is an accelerated introduction to Portuguese language. Students with intermediate level Spanish, French, or Italian are eligible. Students who have studied Portuguese language prior will be placed into a higher level language section. Prerequisite: SP201, placement into SP305, or Consent of Instructor.

Fulfills 1 unit of the language study requirement.

Block 4 (Nov 18-Dec 18)

Block 4: PG308 “Comunidades quilombolas da Bahia: Territories, Resistance, and Activism”, Professors Naomi Wood and Feva Omo Iyanu

In this course students will explore various comunidades quilombolas, or collectives formed by ancestors of formerly freed enslaved Black and Indigenous populations, in the state of Bahia. We will study the historical formation, the contemporary relationship between the comunidades and the Brazilian State government, and the sustainable economic and environmental justice activism fostered within the collectives. Students will study contemporary struggles against mega-corporations and State violence through conversations with current residents and leadership, and engagement with cultural production from within the communities. 

Fulfills 1 unit of the language study requirement. Fulfills 1 unit of Equity and Power Global.

Fall break: November 23 December 1

All courses count towards the language requirement. Both PG courses count for the minor in Luso-Brazilian Studies and/or one credit for the major in Spanish. Both SP courses count for the minor or major in Spanish. All courses also count toward the 5-unit Latin American Studies minor (contact a LAS advisor if interested).

Possible program-sponsored trips: Lençóis, Cachoeira, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Chetumal, Campeche and Chichén Itzá and Uxmal archeological sites and adjacent Maya communities in México.

*Students who enroll in the full semester will participate in an extended Block-break trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Oct. 16-20, 2024*

Application Deadlines & Process: The application will be available now on SUMMIT. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until March 15,2024. After you submit your application you will be contacted to set up an interview.

Other questions? Please contact Prof. Wood, Program Director at

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