Study Abroad or Transfer Credit

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese does not preapprove courses for study abroad or transfer credit to count toward the major or minor. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their Spanish major or minor advisor to discuss study abroad plans and transfer credit. 
How to petition for major or minor credit: Upon completion of courses taken at other institutions, students must submit a written petition for transfer credit along with a copy of the course syllabus and other course materials (i.e., papers, exams, etc.). The petition should be 1-2 pages long, written in Spanish or Portuguese, and must show how each course is equivalent in content and coursework to a course conceivably taught in our department. Petitions are considered on a rolling basis during regular blockly departmental meetings. Up to two units of credit transferred from outside CC (either from study abroad on a CC-approved partner program, or transfer credit from another school) will be accepted.
Report an issue - Last updated: 01/10/2022