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Windom House

NEW! Starting the 2021-2022 academic year, Windom house also hosts cultural programs organized by the Portuguese Cultural Program Coordinator, who is also a Fulbright Scholar. 

Windom is the Spanish and Portuguese Language immersion house. Windom serves as a residence for 20 students interested in improving their understanding of Spanish and Portuguese language and culture. The house has a TV lounge, piano, and full kitchen. Events are organized by the Cultural Program Coordinators in liaison with the Spanish & Portuguese Department.

The language Cultural Program Coordinators (CPC) are staff members who teach adjunct language courses and who strive to create a sense of community within the house and provide opportunities for the students living in the house to be immersed in the language and culture. The Spanish language CPC also lives in Windom House. The CPCs plan cultural as well as community-building programs.

Cultural Program Coordinator - Spanish language

Mariana Rodríguez

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Mariana Rodríguez y vengo de México. I am a writer, and my areas of research are the book as a cultural object, the translation as a tool for attacking cultural hegemonies, and gender studies. I am also a publisher and I love to teach Spanish and Latin American Literature (mostly women). I love poetry, nature, walk around, yoga, hiking, animals (I am a vegetarian!) and I am eager to meet you all! I am pretty sure we can share music, films, books, and flowers ♥ 

Hosting Department: Spanish & Portuguese
Office: Armstrong Hall 324, x6626

Cultural Program Coordinator - Portuguese language

Rafaela Portela Bezerra

Olá! My name is Rafaela Portela Bezerra. I was born in Boa Vista - Roraima, a state in the north region of Brazil. Think about the Amazon rainforest, yes, it is there. 

I have majors in Portuguese and English (and their respective literatures), and I am currently studying for a Master's degree with a research focus on Gender Studies, Decolonialism, and Critical Discourse Analysis. Which, by the way, are my academic interests. 

I have been a Foreign Language Teacher since 2013, but every time I am about to start a new course it is like my first time. I plan to apply everything I know and keep searching for innovative and efficient methods to make students think outside the box at the same time as they learn and practice an additional language. And I am really looking forward to learning things from them. 

I love sports  (especially volleyball), mystery books, being in contact with nature and watching movies and TV series. 90s teen movies and silly sitcoms are my guilty pleasure.  

Oh, did I mention whales? I love whales... They fascinate me. 

Vejo vocês por aí! 

Hosting Department: Spanish & Portuguese
Office: Armstrong Hall 324, x6626
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