CC Summer in Spain

The CC Summer in Spain program has its base in Soria in collaboration with the Centro Internacional Antonio Machado and offers 3 levels of Spanish: Beginner (SP111), Intermediate (SP 211) and Advanced (SP 305 and SP 306).

Soria is a culturally rich and traditional small city that is off the beaten tourist path in the region of Castile—the birthplace of the Spanish language. Soria is the perfect setting to develop your Spanish quickly when you fully immerse in the language and culture from the first day you arrive. Students live with host families and participate in city life during 2 blocks of classes. In addition, the program incorporates multiple cultural activities and excursions, to places such as Madrid and San Sebastian, to learn about the history and cultures of Spain. 

The students highlight Soria as a great location to learn Spanish language and culture. Repeatedly, students describe Soria as a very “authentic” place “untainted” by massive tourism and English language influence. They acknowledge that being in Soria forces them to implement Spanish much more than in other more touristy locations and to learn the language at a faster pace. Students also stress the great experiences with the host families and speak about their homestay as the most important and rewarding aspect of their stay in Spain, and, in fact, multiple students refer to their host family as their second family! Furthermore, students often cite this experience as the best one of their entire college career. 

The program enrolls an average of 36 students per summer for all 3 levels (about 12 students per class) and the application process begins in Block 3.  The program fee is around $6,550 plus tuition. Financial aid is available to those students who have it during the academic year.  

The program runs through Summer Session. Program director: Prof. Carrie Ruiz (

Nuestro Tiempo en España

Un video de los estudiantes del programa de verano en España con Colorado College y el Centro Internacional Antonio Machado. A student video of the summer program...

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