Study Abroad

Study abroad is a crucial component and integral part of our curriculum. We encourage all students, especially majors and minors, to study in a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country. Not only will your language skills significantly improve, you will acquire a firsthand knowledge of different cultures and perspectives.

The faculty in the Spanish and Portuguese Department direct three study abroad programs:

  • CC in Latin America: Offered each Fall semester. Courses taught in Spanish at the 300-level. Interdisciplinary program, taught by faculty from the Spanish and Portuguese Department and from other departments (courses vary each year).
  • CC Summer in Spain: Offered each Summer. Six-week, two block study abroad program in Spain. Three levels of Spanish: elementary, intermediate, and advanced (305&306).
  • CC in Brazil: Offered in Summer every other year (1.5-2 blocks) or as a one-block program during the academic year. The program generally offers two levels of language and culture study. No previous knowledge of Portuguese necessary.

Our study abroad courses may fulfill General Education requirements (language study and more) as well as minor and major requirements. Please consult descriptions for each program for specific information.

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