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Welcome to the CC in Berlin program! Email us anytime if you have questions related to the program @ or Applications are due in Summit by March 15. You should also check out this blog about last year's program: 


The CC in Berlin program will take place in Blocks 1 through 4 in Fall 2022. There are no prerequisites, so students at any level of German can participate! If you participate for the whole semester you will take two German language classes at your level (from complete beginner to advanced, fulfills the all-college language requirement). In addition you will take a class on the cultural history of Berlin called "Babylon Berlin: From Rural Village to Global Metropolis" (taught by Profs. Chet Lisiecki and Ane Steckenbiller) and a film class called "Global Berlin: Film, City, and Identity" (taught by Prof. Baran Germen). Each course fulfills the all-college AIM requirement, Analysis and Interpretation of Meaning. "Global Berlin" also fulfills the Equity and Power Global requirement. There is no program fee for full semester students who are already paying CC tuition and standard room & board.

Tentative calendar for fall 2022:

8/27: Students arrive in Berlin            
8/29: Beginning of block 1, one week of orientation, intro to GR120 (until 9/5)
9/8: Mix of GR120 and first language course (at any level); end of block 2 on 10/19 

-- Halftime --

10/24: Beginning of block 3, GR121 (until 11/11)               
11/14: Second language course at any level, ends on 12/16 Friday week 3, block 4
12/21: Official end of semester, students can stay in Berlin until 12/21

There's also the option to go for two blocks only (blocks 1+2 or 3+4). Students who apply for a half-semester (two block) option may be charged an additional program fee, depending on your current housing situation.

  • Students who live on campus with a full meal plan in 2022-23 pay no additional program fee for the two blocks in Berlin (either 1-2 or 3-4).
  • Students who live in campus apartments with a limited (apartment) meal plan in 2022-23 will pay an additional fee of roughly $750 to allow for meal coverage for the two blocks in Berlin.
  • Students who live off campus in 2022-23 should expect to pay a program fee of roughly $2,500 to cover housing and meal coverage for the two blocks while in Berlin.

Email for more information.

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