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Billing & Finances

How Billing & Payment Works

All billing and payment for off-campus study will be handled through your CC Student Account, with the exception of the initial confirmation deposit. Students are responsible for paying any confirmation deposit directly to the program. Following the initial confirmation deposit, the tuition and program fee for your semester or year off-campus will be billed through your student account at CC on the regular billing timetable.

Home School Tuition Policy for Off-Campus Study

Students will pay Colorado College tuition when studying off-campus for a semester or a year, instead of the actual tuition cost assessed by the program or university abroad (sometimes also called "educational costs" by the program). This applies to all students, whether the tuition for the program or university abroad is more than Colorado College's tuition or less than Colorado College's tuition. This tuition structure is designed to make off-campus study available to all our undergraduates and is similar to the policy of many selective liberal arts colleges.

Instead of paying Colorado College room & board for the semester or year abroad, since you will not be living on campus or eating meals at CC, you will instead be charged the room & board costs/program fee of the study abroad program you have chosen (which will appear as "Host School Program Fee" on your CC student account). You can obtain the program fee / room and board information on the website for the program or university abroad you have chosen, as this amount varies widely based on the local cost of living, and on what is included through that program fee (field trips, travel, insurance, etc). The program website will have details on what their program fee covers, as well as details about any additional non-invoiced cost estimates for items like airfare (if not included), personal spending money, cell phone, and other expenses a student could expect for the semester or year abroad.

Students with financial aid approved to participate in off-campus study will continue to be eligible for this support, in the same proportion of coverage of their total cost of attendance that they receive while studying on campus at Colorado College. There are additional expenses to consider and budget for when studying abroad, including airfare, passport and visa fees, immunizations, meals (if not included in program fee), textbooks, independent travel, and personal expenses. These are all considered in calculating your total cost of attendance for your semester abroad, and taken into consideration when calculating your aid award.

Please use the Cost & Aid Calculation Worksheet for assistance in designing a budget for your study abroad and calculating total cost of attendance. Financial aid is also often available directly from our off-campus study partners in the form of merit and need-based scholarships, and students should explore all these options well in advance, as well as applying for outside scholarships for study abroad.

Home School Tuition FAQs

Q: How will I be billed for a semester off-campus?

A: You will receive your Colorado College bill at the same time you normally do (early August for fall semester and early January for spring semester). Your student account will be charged Colorado College tuition, and the program fee (also sometimes called "room & board") billed to Colorado College by the off-campus study program.

If you choose to sign up for any classes as part of your off-campus semester that carry any additional course fees for things like excursions or field trips or materials, this is not covered in the standard tuition the program charges, and you will be invoiced separately and directly for the additional course fees by the program if you choose to take that class. Make sure to review the information your program sends you about any optional courses you can take that carry associated additional fees.

Q: My off-campus study program charges a deposit to accept my placement on the program. Who pays the deposit?

A: You will pay the deposit directly to your off-campus study program at the time you accept your placement in the program. It is essential that you pay this deposit on time so that you do not lose your place on the program. This deposit will be reflected as a credit on your CC student account when the billing for the term goes out to you.

If you are a high financial-need student at CC, you may be eligible to work with the Center for Global Education for a deferral on this deposit, if you are anticipating aid to cover it. Email Heather Powell Browne for additional details.

Q: How is financial aid awarded for off-campus semester programs?

A: The Office of Financial Aid at CC will recalculate your aid package based on the new total cost of attendance for your semester or year off-campus. Students who currently receive financial aid from CC can expect that the same percentage of total cost of attendance that is covered by aid during a semester on campus at CC will continue to be covered for their updated total cost of attendance for the semester or year off-campus. You can use the Cost & Aid Calculation Worksheet to figure out what costs are eligible for consideration in this new total cost of attendance for your semester or year off-campus. Specific questions about your unique scholarships and awards can be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at CC.

Students who have a work-study award and have worked on-campus in the semester prior to going abroad are eligible for grant funding to replace the amount of work-study they would have been eligible to earn during their semester or year off-campus. These grants are awarded in order of when you submit your CC Internal Application in Summit, so do apply early.

Many of our partner programs also offer scholarships for off-campus study, so always look for those on the program's website, and information on how to apply.

Q: Are there additional scholarships for off-campus study?

A: Yes, scholarships are available from a variety of sources, including off-campus study programs, the federal government, and independent organizations. The Center for Global Education lists many of these scholarships on our website, and students should always check with the program they are interested in applying to. Students should consider their scholarship options as they are applying to their program, and should apply early for these scholarships, as many have earlier deadlines than the program application deadline itself. If a student receives a Pell Grant, some off-campus study programs will also match the amount of the Pell Grant award as an additional scholarship.

Q: Can I take a leave of absence and transfer back my off-campus / study abroad credits?

A: No. All off-campus study counting for academic credit towards your Colorado College degree needs to go through the Center for Global Education approval process in Summit, and the Home School Tuition billing policy. No academic credit can be transferred back to Colorado College otherwise.

Q: I am participating in a BLOCK course that is taught abroad by a Colorado College faculty member during the academic year or in the summer. Will my financial aid apply?

A: There is a separate financial aid process for individual CC blocks taught off-campus during the school year or during CC's Summer Session.

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