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CC in France: Spring '24

For more information please contact:  Prof. Alistaire Tallent, Program Director (

The Department of French in partnership with the Alliance française-Nice Côte d'Azur in Nice, France, offers a semester in France on the block plan, called “CC in France.” nice.jpeg

Participating students must apply through Summit. In January, the selected students will meet in Nice where they will stay with a host family and spend blocks 5 and 6 in language classes offered by the Alliance française-Nice with their instructors. All students take a placement test upon entering the Alliance française-Nice, and CC students will be placed according to their level in courses with other students from around the world. Whatever the student’s level, these two blocks will fulfill the all-college language requirement for graduation. In addition, the Alliance française-Nice provides 3 full-day excursions to significant historic sites in the region, several half-day excursions, and welcome and farewell receptions.


For blocks 7 & 8 CC professors will teach 300-level culture courses (topics vary from year to year), spending some time in Nice, along with significant travel to cultural and historic sites relevant to the courses.

All-college requirements:

Students will receive 4 CC units of credit for the semester in France. All four blocks will be accepted towards a major or minor in French and Francophone Studies, or for the Romance Languages major or minor.

Students taking blocks 5 & 6 can fulfill the all-college Critical Engagement through Language requirement.

Students taking blocks 7 & 8 can also fulfill an Equity and Power in a global context requirement.

Blocks 5 & 6: FR299: French Language Study Abroad

Join students from around the world at your specific level in French language classes. 


Block 7: FR319: Provence and the South of France

The South of France has been immortalized in novels and films such as A Year in Provence. The lavender fields, golden beaches, trill of cicadas, Mediterranean climate, and Italian flair make it a famous location. In this class, we will discover the profound culture and history of this region through near-daily trips to charming hill towns, historic sites such as Van Gogh’s asylum, local artisans such as one of the World’s best chocolate makers, sweeping vineyards and markets, and port cities. We will examine and discover the deep Provençal roots of the food, culture, language, and history that make this region distinct and, in some ways, a model for understanding the complexity of French identity. 


Block 8: FR320: Immigration, Race, and National Identity in France

This course, part of the two- or four-block abroad program, takes place in Nice, Paris and Tours. What is the state of national identity in France today? Who can become a French citizen? This course will explore the interrelationship between immigration and national identity in France as portrayed through literature, film, and the media. Particular attention will be given to the country’s problematic discourse on race, gender, and social integration. The emphasis of this course is also put on learning on-site and through ‘live’ experiences via site visits.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much French do I need? The prerequisite for Blocks 7 & 8 is FR201 or an equivalent placement test score. For Blocks 5 & 6 the prerequisite is FR101 or an equivalent placement test score.

Of course, since you will be living with a French family, and all the courses will be conducted in French, we strongly encourage you to take more classes in French (including the adjunct maintenance courses) before you depart. The more French you can speak before you go, the more you’ll get out of the experience!

For information on the on-line CC French language placement test click here

Where will I live? For most of the semester students will live with a host family in Nice. All host families live within a radius that requires no more than a 25-minute walk to the Alliance française-Nice and the center of town.

How much will it cost?

Full Semester Participation (4 blocks away)

When students study on the full CC Semester in France (all 4 blocks), the tuition remains the same as the standard CC tuition for that semester, and a program fee is charged to cover room, some board, field trips, and the like. This program fee is charged instead of any CC on-campus housing placement and meal plan, which will not be assigned or charged for that semester.

For the full Spring 2024 semester, the Program Fee is $4,912.

Half-Semester Participation (2 blocks away)

If a student participates in the CC in France Half-Semester (two-block) program, for either 5&6 or 7&8, the tuition remains the same as the standard CC tuition for that semester, and the program fee charge varies, based on the student's on-campus housing assignment and meal plan choice for that semester, as described here:

  • Students who live on campus during the semester their program abroad runs, and who have a full standard meal plan do not pay any additional program fee as all housing and meal costs for the CC half-semester away are covered by funds transferred from the room & board charges already paid to Colorado College.
  • Students who live in a campus cottage or apartment and use the apartment meal plan will be billed a program fee to cover meal costs on the CC half-semester program. For Spring 2024, this fee is $941.

  • Students who live in CC campus housing and opt for no CC meal plan are billed a program fee to cover meal costs on the half-semester program. For Spring 2024, this fee is $1,162.

  • Students who live off campus, with no meal plan are billed a program fee to cover both housing and meal costs for the half-semester program. For Spring 2024, this fee is $2,460.

Student financial aid is not adjusted for these additional program fees. Students should anticipate covering these costs either from their standard aid package or through personal finances.

What if I need to withdraw? As with all CC-led study away programs, the CC half- or full-semester program has a withdrawal deadline.  Students who withdraw prior to the deadline will assess no program fees.  However, withdrawal after the deadline can produce significant program fees in addition to the funds needed to complete the semester on campus.  These fees are billed for all shared and non-refundable costs expended on behalf of the student and not recuperable by Colorado College.   Voluntary withdrawal from a program close to the departure date or after the program has commenced can produce a cancellation fee of $10,000 or more due to the nature of nonrecuperable costs for a semester or half-semester program.  CC Financial Aid cannot cover these fees as all aid reverts to the student’s on campus costs when they withdraw from the program. 

For more information on the fees and the withdrawal policies, contact the Center for Global Education and Field Study. 

What does the program fee include?

  • All housing expenses (homestays with a host family in Nice and any hotels or apartments during the excursions in blocks 7 & 8),
  • All meals (provided by host families for breakfast and dinner during the week, all three meals on weekends, a meal stipend for weekday lunches, and group meals and stipends for the excursions in blocks 7 & 8),
  • A reimbursement of up to $1200 for the airfare to and from Nice,
  • For blocks 5 & 6 at the Af-Nice, all textbooks and all travel costs for the excursions,
  • For blocks 7 & 8, all travel and lodging costs for the excursions, entry fees and tickets for museums and performances, group meals in restaurants, and a meal stipend for other meals.

How do I apply and what are the deadlines? The first step is to complete the CC in France on-line application on Summit. Your application on Summit must be complete (including an image of your current passport) by October 1 for the full-semester program or for the blocks 5 & 6 only option; the deadline for the blocks 7 & 8 only option is December 1st.

Once you receive notification that you have been accepted, you will receive the COI codes necessary to register for the appropriate courses on Banner: FR299 for blocks 5 & 6, FR319 for block 7, and FR320 for block 8.

Will I need a visa? Students doing the full-semester program who are not EU citizens will need a long-term student visa. You should receive an acceptance letter from the Af-Nice by October 15, and you will need to upload this letter as part of your application materials. Since the application process for a student visa can take a great deal of time, students are encouraged to begin as soon as they receive the letter from the Alliance française.

Students who are US citizens do not need a visa for either of the 2-block options. However, they must leave the EU within 90 days of their arrival. International students should investigate if citizens of their home country will need a visa to enter France. They can then contact the Center for Global Education & Field Study for assistance with the documentation necessary for their visa, and if they have questions about the process.

For information on long-term student visas visit. click here 

To register with Campus France (required for visa), visit Campus France

Senegal: Summer 2024

For more information please contact:


Prof. Nene Diop (

Prof. Ibrahima Wade (

(Summer Schedule)

FR317/CO200 emphasizes French/Francophone literature, politics, and culture studies (taught in English for CO200, with a French option) PREREQ: FR201 is required for FR317 2 CC units.

This Culture course will be taught in English (with credit in French option). It will investigate and discuss topics and themes conveyed through various pedagogical tools: Field trips to selected sites in/outside of Dakar, novels, selected historical and sociological documents, Guest lectures by writers/researchers and university profs., Films and documentaries, attendance of selected live cultural events, etc. Students who wish to earn credit in French will have the opportunity to participate in two (2) weekly afternoon discussion sessions in the French language. Discussion will focus on topics studied in class.

Field trips, field research, African dance, and Jembe sessions will be part of the academic and cultural assignments and offerings.

Application Window: NOV 30th - JAN 22nd

Program fees and expenses:
All programs also include a cost for summer tuition, however the Wild Card will remove this charge for all students for whom this is their first summer block course
Program Fee: $3,975.

View more information on the African Studies Thematic Minor

Summer in Senegal video: Visite des Etudiants Américains à Ensup Afrique


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