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    U.S. Tax Filing Requirements

    Paying Taxes

    Colorado College does not offer tax advice to international students.  It is the students' responsibility to file taxes correctly and on time, however, the College does offer the use of GLACIER Tax Prep software to assist international students in completing any necessary tax forms and in filing their taxes.  The Center for Global Education and the Finance Office will host various tax workshops throughout the year including sessions to complete the tax forms that are required to be submitted to the Federal Government and the State of Colorado each year.  All international students are required to submit tax forms each year that they are in the U.S., even if they do not work or receive scholarships.  In general, U.S. tax forms from individuals must be submitted by April 15th of each year.

    Tax Workshops

    To help you understand your U.S. tax filing requirements as well as to provide you with information and instructions about:

    • on-campus employment
    • taxable scholarships
    • U.S. tax treaties
    • Social Security Number (SSN) and Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) application procedures

    the Center for Global Education and the Finance Office offer Tax Workshops each Spring to assist international students and scholars in preparing their required U.S. federal tax forms, and, if applicable, their required state tax forms.  During each Tax Workshop, registered participants will have the chance to use the GLACIER Tax Prep software to prepare their U.S. federal tax form(s) and to receive information and instructions on filing a Colorado state tax form, if required.  

    Workshop Materials

    Tax Preparation Software: Glacier Tax Prep

    To assist you in complying with your U.S. tax filing requirements, CC is offering a FREE online tax preparation software called "Glacier Tax Prep: Complete International Tax Preparation."  All international students should have a Colorado College GLACIER record.  If you have not completed your GLACIER record or have questions about taxes in the U.S., please contact Catherine Tobin, Tax and Compliance Manager, by email at

    How it Works

    If you have already created an account in the university's GLACIER system, then you should log into GLACIER and, when you reach the "What would you like to do today?" screen, you should click on the "Access Glacier Tax Prep" link.  NOTE: This link will not be available to you until you have received your 1042-S form.  For instructions on how to access Glacier Tax Prep through GLACIER, click here (GTP Instructions).