International Student Orientation

Fall 2022 International Student Orientation (ISO) Program

Arrival/residence hall move-in for students participating in International Student Orientation (ISO): Wednesday, August 17, 2022

International Student Orientation (ISO) will be from 9:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 18th and Friday, August 19th.  The location is Bemis Great Hall in Bemis Hall. ISO is mandatory for all students on an F-1 or J-1 visa and is designed to provide you with valuable information and facilitate your transition to Colorado College. By participating you will gain essential information about:

  • immigration rules and regulations that affect your visa status
  • academic and student life at CC
  • campus and community resources
  • living in Colorado Springs
  • opportunities to meet other new international students at CC

 Fall 2022 ISO Mentors

This year's International Student Orientation (ISO) Mentors are upperclass international students who serve as orientation leaders and role models to help with your transition to CC and help prepare you for what's ahead. ISO Mentors will welcome our new international students when they arrive on campus, support you during ISO, and continue through Blocks 1 and 2 of the fall semester by organizing events and serving as a resource for questions about U.S. culture and academic life at CC.

Meet your ISO Mentors here:  

Cropped-Photo---Nina-Antonio.jpgNina Antonio - Class of 2025

Hi everyone, my name is Nina Antonio and I'm a sophomore. I was born in the Philippines, but raised in Singapore so I like to say that I'm from both countries. I'm planning on being an International Political Economy major (we call it IPE) and an Education minor. I'm part of the board for Asian Student Union and my hobbies include, thrifting, singing, boxing, track & field, and rugby. I'm really excited to meet everyone and to show you guys around CC. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 


 3 pieces of advice: 

  1. Not everyone knows what they're doing! Don't be intimidated by others' success, especially when you have other things to focus on.
  2. Try new things. One of the best parts about CC is that you can easily sign up for a club and give it a try – everyone is welcoming and you don't have to commit yourself to it straight away.
  3. Use the resources that CC provides and don't be afraid to ask for help.


Photo---George-Jogi.jpgGeorge Jogi - Class of 2025
Hello! I am George Jogi, a rising sophomore from Kerala, India. I am undecided, but I plan to major in either Business, Economics, and Society or Environmental Science with a chemistry emphasis. On-campus, I am involved with several clubs and organizations. I am the co-chair of the South Asian Student Association. I am also an active member of MOSAIC - the international student community at CC. As someone who moved halfway across the world from a small town in India, I know that it can be highly stressful to adjust to a new environment. Please feel free to contact me with anything that you would need help with, and I would be glad to assist you.


3 pieces of advice:

1.  Block plan can be stressful - especially in the first few blocks. Pace yourself, take care of your mental health. Be sure to reach out to us and make use of all the resources available. 
2.  Feel comfortable and be open to asserting your culture instead of trying to assimilate.
3.  Moisturize!!!!!!!  And get the Pike ride app.  It's a life-saver.



Xinran Wang - class of 2025

Hi class of 2026, I'm Xinran from Suzhou, China. You can also address me by my English name Aurora. I am a rising sophomore planning to major in Psych and Philosophy. I am passionate about music and love singing, playing the piano, and Guqin (an ancient Chinese instrument). Packard Hall is my favorite place on campus, and I often go there to watch concerts, play in ensembles or just hang out in one of the piano practice rooms. This is my fourth year studying abroad and I survived despite lots of challenges. If you have any concerns about adjusting to college life, I'll be happy to work through them together.

3 pieces of advice:

1.  There are lots of wonderful concerts at the Packard hall, make sure to watch them.
2. If you are experiencing language barriers in your academic life, reach out to your professors and they will be happy to accommodate you e.g. give you extra reading time in exams.
3.  Spend your meal plan money consistently, don't wait until the end of the year to spend them all at once. 


International Student Orientation Description:

At the beginning of each term, International Student & Scholar Services holds a mandatory orientation program for new international students. During orientation, you will attend workshops that will provide you with valuable information and facilitate your transition to Colorado College. ISO is designed to:

  • Present material, information, and resources which will help you better understand and navigate classroom expectations, transportation options, employment restrictions, and student health services
  • Cover cultural adjustment and coping skills
  • Present immigration policies and rules that affect your immigration status
  • Offer campus tours, fun evening activities, personal connections and opportunities to make new friends, and learn what it means to be a CC student before the rest of the new students arrive on campus






Cultural Encounters

Academics in the U.S.


Student Identity Development in the U.S.

Goose Chase Campus Scavenger Hunt

ISO Welcome Dinner




Welcome and Goose Chase results

Staying Legal 1 - Immigration Regulations


Staying Legal 2 - Immigration Regulations

Life @ CC--Student Perspectives

Priddy Trip/NSO Overview

International Student Support Network

Paper Bag Skits with ISO Mentors

After Dinner:  Meet-up with ISO Mentors and group


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