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Staying Legal



  • Keep passport valid
  • Always print/carry updated I-94
  • Request extension PRIOR to current I-20/DS-2019 program end date
  • Get a new I-20/DS-2019 for any change in major


  • Do NOT work off campus without prior authorization
  • Do NOT work on campus more than 20 hours per week while school is in session 


  • Have an OIP advisor sign your I-20/DS-2019 before traveling outside the U.S. if you plan to return to continue your studies
  • Follow US-VISIT border entry and exit procedures


  • Remain a full-time student.  You must be enrolled for at least 3 blocks each semester unless granted PRIOR permission from OIP advisor to be less than full time
  • Get OIP advisor approval if taking classes at another school (including online courses) and if the classes are counting toward fulfilling your full-time enrollment requirements
  • Inform OIP advisor if planning to transfer to another school at same or different program level
  • Inform OIP if you will not graduate in time.  Program extensions must be approved PRIOR to the end date listed on your I-20/DS-2019


  • Update your address.  If you move, even from one room to another, you must notify our office within 10 days
  • Depart the U.S. no more than 60 days after the end date listed on your I-20 unless you are transferring schools or have been granted a program extension
  • ALWAYS read emails from OIP