About Add/Drop (Block Registration)

Registration at CC begins with a preregistration process (outlined here). Once students are preregistered for their upcoming semester(s) and receive their results, the live registration application called Add/Drop is available for use and can be accessed from Banner SSB or by clicking "Register Here" in Stellic. This application is open to students 24/7 and is the official registration portal after the initial Preregistration period (Canvas is NOT a registration portal). In Add/Drop, students can change their registrations at their convenience, get instant access to canvas materials, and have drop notifications sent on their behalf during the active (current) block and appropriate to the registration deadline. Add/Drop enables students to register for a new course including Half Block, swap out courses, and make grade-track changes during allotted timeframes.

All registration changes must be completed by the appropriate deadline per block. Learn more about these below!


Registration Deadlines

Whether you are discussing registration or interacting with either application (Preregistration or Add/Drop), the following are helpful terms to know:


Add/Drop The live registration application that students are required to use for official registration changes once Preregistration has been processed. Add/Drop can be accessed from the Student Menu in Banner SSB or through the "Register Here" link available under the Planner tab in Stellic.
Passcode A student's Preregistration code. This is a 6-letter combination passcode that must be entered in ALL CAPS in the Preregistration application. The general or major advisor tied to a Student's Information page is the one who has access to a student's Preregistration Passcode and can access this under their Faculty Services tab > Your Advisees. Passcodes are replaced with each Preregistration period.
G Symbol for the letter grades grading track. Grades awarded on the G track are standard marks that are always factored into a student's GPA. Review the Credit and Grades Policy.
P Symbol for the pass/fail grading track. Grades awarded on the P track are not factored into a student's GPA (unless they receive a NC). However, an S will still qualify a student to meet any degree requirement associated to the course. Review the Credit and Grades Policy.
Z Symbol for the audit grading track. The only grading track which requires explicit professor approval and must be manually assigned through the Registrar's Office. Audits do not grant credit. Review the Credit and Grades Policy.
COI Short for "consent of instructor". This is a 6-letter combination pin that must be entered in ALL CAPS in either registration application. The instructor(s) tied to the course have access to their COI under their Faculty Services tab > Your Teaching Schedule. A COI PIN is used to override prerequisite errors in the registration applications; approve registration adds once the block/course has begun; or if a course requires a COI specifically.
COD Short for "consent of department". Similar to the COI PIN, a COD is a 6-letter combination pin that must be entered in ALL CAPS in either registration application. The department chair has access to the COD for their department under their Faculty Services tab > Consent of Department.
WF An administrative fail assigned to any student who has failed to withdraw officially from the course after the drop deadline or has abandoned their academic responsibilities. Review the Credit and Grades Policy.
GW Seen on a students transcript view in SSB or on a printed unofficial transcript. Indicates a "grade withheld" due to not completing the course evaluation for the course. Once the evaluation is completed, the GW is automatically replaced with the actual grade assigned to the student (a browser refresh may be necessary).
CRN Course reference number; a 5 digit sequence. Uniquely identifies a course in the term and is used in registration applications. The CRN can be found on the Course Schedule or in the right-hand info panel in Stellic.
Course ID

This is a combination of two letters that represent the subject or department followed by three numbers.

GS123 1421

An additional four characters finalize the full make-up of a course's ID (see "BEST" defined below) but most can simply refer to the ID as the subject+course number.


Ever wonder what the 4 characters represent after a course number?

GS123 1421

To help explain, the word "BEST" is used:

B = the block in which the course begins

E = the block in which the course ends

S = the block's section (can be a # or letter)

T = the block's scheduling type (block seminar, adjunct, extended format)


Viewable on the course schedule, "Limit" indicates how many maximum seats are available  in a course. A limit of 1 indicates that is an independent/thesis block for a specific student. A limit of 25 means there are 25 available seats. 


Viewable on the course schedule, "Reserved" indicates how many seats were set aside for first-year students only. Any reserved seat left open at the start of the semester will be released. Once released, these seats move into the Available column and are open for all student types.

Class Size Viewable on the course schedule, "Class Size" indicates how many students are officially enrolled in the course.
Available Viewable on the course schedule, "Available" indicates how many open seats there are in a course for all student types. Careful, if a # is listed under the "Available" column but there is also an active waitlist, this means that the available seat(s) will go to the first student(s) on the waitlist until there is no longer a waitlist.
WL Short for "Waitlist"; a temporary registration which is paired with a position number on a student's schedule which indicates where on the waitlist a student is. On the main course schedule, the number indicates how many students (in total) are on the course's waitlist). WL registrations are dropped the Friday before the block starts. If dropped, a student is no longer considered enrolled.
Degree Attributes Curious what the symbols mean in this column on the course schedule? Review the All-College Requirements page for any easy-to-follow table under each degree requirement set.

What are temporary registrations?

Temporary registrations are not official and bear 0.00 credit. Waitlists and Preregistration Placeholders GS391 and GS392 are considered temporary registrations.

How is a student waitlisted?

Being waitlisted initially is a result of preregistration when more students registered for the course than available seats. Seniority-Based unit allocation is factored into the placement on the waitlist. After preregistration, a student joins the waitlist if the course they are attempting to sign up for is full. The student will assume the next available positioning on the waitlist.

What's the big deal about being waitlisted?

Students are required to retain full-time status and a temporary registration can impact their status as a 0.00 credit registration is not considered in the full-time calculation. This is why it is highly encouraged to enroll in a back-up course with available seats while a student sits on a waiting list.

How does a student move off of the waitlist?

A waitlisted position in a course is considered a student's most preferred course choice. The student will automatically be added if/when their spot opens up in the waitlisted course and a notification will be received after processing. no advanced notice will be given.

Management of the waitlist is processed once a day. If a seat appears vacant on the course schedule but an active waitlist also exists for the course, that seat will be filled from the processing of the waitlist the next business day.

If a student no longer wishes to retain their position on an active waitlist, they MUST drop immediately by using the Add/Drop application in Banner SSB. Failure to drop from a waitlist when it is no longer a student's preferred choice risks being automatically added the undesired course. This could cause an unfortunate scenario where a student is not able to automatically re-enroll in their intended course due to an existing waitlist. The student would then be forced to join the new waitlist or find a different course for the block. All registration transactions should be executed carefully; students may not be given their spot back in a course or their previous position on a waitlist should they decide to drop their registration.

What are Preregistration Placeholders and how does a student get one removed?

Preregistration Placeholders were intended to be used by students during the Preregistration open period ONLY for purposes that require applications with varying processing time. In order to allow students to move forward with Preregistration while they waited for their application to be approved and processed, the GS391 and GS392 placeholder courses were provided. After the Preregistration period is closed and registrations are processed, credit is removed from placeholders.

  • The GS391 placeholder was intended for use by students who were planning for a thesis or independent study block. In order for a student to have a GS391 removed, the appropriate application is required. Check out Our Services page for both the thesis and independent study applications. Failure to complete this process may jeopardize a student's ability to receive credit/grade for given block.
  • The GS392 placeholder was intended for use by students who were planning to participate in a study abroad program. These programs require an application process through Summit with varying processing time. In order to have a GS392 removed, an approved application must be received from the Center for Global Education & Field Study.
  • If either placeholder was used with intent for taking a block or more off from CC, students must connect with their Hub Advisor to complete the appropriate leave paperwork.

What happens @ 5pm on the Friday before the new block begins?

You are no longer enrolled...  at 5pm on the Friday before a new block starts, final class and waitlist rosters are distributed to faculty. At this time ALL TEMPORARY REGISTRATIONS are dropped. If you did not make it into a class from the waitlist before it was dropped, you are no longer considered enrolled and must update your registration on days 1 or 2 of block using Add/Drop and an instructor’s COI PIN

Where can students add courses

Students are registered into courses initially as a result of preregistration. Once the Preregistration process has been completed, Add/Drop becomes available for that semester. Students are able to add courses they are eligible for or receive an appropriate PIN for without restriction. Official registrations are completed using the Add/Drop registration application available from Banner SSB or through the "Register Here" link in Stellic.

When can students no longer add courses?

Once the final class and waitlist rosters have been sent to faculty (@5pm on the Friday before the new Block begins), registrations are disabled over the weekend for the upcoming block. This is allow enough time for all faculty and students to review their schedules and to plan for Day 1. Students can add or swap into a course for the new block on Days 1 and 2 ONLY by using the COI PIN.

Students may continue to add courses for future blocks under the available terms. 

What happens after the block begins?

Once the block has begun, and only during the Add registration deadline (Days 1 and 2), permission from the professor teaching the course is required for any and all course adds via a consent of instructor pin (COI PIN). Even if you meet the prerequisites of the course or were let in off of the waitlist, a registration add is required using Add/Drop and the COI PIN from the professor.

Being added to a Canvas Page is NOT the same as an official registration change - the student is responsible and must complete this action themselves in Add/Drop.

What happens @ 5pm on the First Tuesday of the Block?

Course adds are disabled in Add/Drop...  at 5pm on the first Tuesday of the block, students are no longer able to register themselves into a new course using Add/Drop. If a student has failed to meet the add registration deadline, they must forward an email to the Registrar's Office and include the following information: Student ID, Course Information (CRN, Course ID, Title, Professor Name, and Grade Track) in addition to the COI PIN from the professor. Late registration requests received beyond the grade track change deadline are automatically assigned to the letter Grades (G) track.

Important to consider before dropping your block or semester

  • Students are expected to remain full-time while enrolled at CC.

  • If a student is considering one or more blocks off, please connect with the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub (the Hub) to complete the appropriate paperwork. Review the Student Time Off, Withdrawal, & Reinstatement Policy.

  • Students may drop their course(s) using Add/Drop in order to release a seat to a potential student on the waiting list or to send a notification to the instructor of the current course if the block has already begun. This is both a courtesy to the faculty member and also a notification that a spot is available to an interested student (if dropped within the first couple days)

  • Keep in mind that dropping course registration Banner does not pardon you from filling out the appropriate block off or leave paperwork with the Hub

  • If you are a student on financial aid, taking time away can impact your aid or scholarship packages. Connect with financialaid@coloradocollege.edu if you have any questions about federal regulations.

  • If you are an international student on an ISSS-monitored visa, taking time away can impact your visa. Connect with isss@coloradocollege.edu PRIOR to taking time away if you have any questions about federal regulations.

Being removed from a Canvas Page is NOT the same as an official registration change - the student is responsible and must complete this action themselves in Add/Drop. Faculty are not responsible nor are they able to update a student's registration on their behalf.

What happens if you've missed the drop deadline?

Students have until the second Tuesday from the start of the course to drop their block. If there is a need to be excused from a course beyond the drop deadline, students may seek the following options:

  • Consider switching a Grade Track to the Pass/Fail (S/CR/NC) option. See "Changing Grade Tracks" section below for more information. Petitions are considered and facilitated through the Registrar's Office for change considerations beyond the deadline and within one year from the start of the course. Extenuating circumstances are required.
  • Consider taking an Incomplete Grade by speaking directly with the professor of the course to arrange additional time (up to three blocks beyond the given block) to submit assignments.
  • Excused Grade Petitions are considered for medical exceptions and require supporting documentation and a passing grade acknowledgement from the professor of the course prior to taking an excused grade.

Don't risk an administrative fail (WF)

A grade of an administrative fail (WF) will be assigned to any student who has failed to withdraw officially from the course after the drop deadline or has abandoned their academic responsibilities via the alternative options outlined above. Review the Credit and Grades Policy.

What happens @ 5pm on the Second Tuesday of the Block?

Course drops are disabled in Add/Drop...  at 5pm on the second Tuesday of the block, students are charged for the block following the drop deadline and are no longer provided the option to drop the course.

Adding Adjuncts

Adjuncts offer students additional opportunity to earn credit towards graduation. Adjuncts can span a couple blocks, a full semester, or a whole year. The Add/Drop registration application will allow students to register for an adjunct up until the ADD deadline tied to the starting block.

For example, an adjunct starting in Block 1 will allow students to register themselves during the first two days of Block 1. An adjunct starting in Block 3 will allow students to register during the first two days of Block 3. Beyond these available deadlines and with the adjunct instructor's approval (via COI PIN), a student may connect with the Registrar's Office in person or via email. Student information, course information, and instructor's COI PIN will be required.

Dropping Adjuncts

See the below table for adjunct drop deadlines

2023-24 Adjunct Deadlines for Dropping 

Fall Blocks

Drop Deadline

Spring Blocks

Drop Deadline

1-2 9/15 *can use Add/Drop by 8/29 5-6 2/9 *can use Add/Drop by 1/23
3-4 11/10 *can use Add/Drop by 10/24 7-8 4/12 *can use Add/Drop by 4/4
1-4 9/27 *can use Add/Drop by 8/29 5-8 2/21 *can use Add/Drop by 1/23
1-8 10/19 *can use Add/Drop by 8/29
*students will need to forward an email notification from adjunct instructor confirming their acknowledgement of their intention to drop to the registrar's email/ staff will manually drop registration
*grade track changes are allowed until 5pm on the last Tuesday of the adjunct course. This change may need manual support from the Registrar Staff. Students can send an email request to registrar@coloradocollege.edu. Please include student and course information in registration requests.

Half Block Registration for the 2024 semester is open in Add/Drop as of 5/10/23

Registration for Half Block 2024 was be made available in Add/Drop for all students as of May 10 along with schedule changes for Fall 2023.

What is Half Block?

Half Block (H Block) is an optional block offered in January for students who decide to return early from Winter Break and earn an extra half unit (0.50) towards their requirements. Courses offered in Half Block can be found in the Course Schedule under the Spring 2024 term and are listed under “H” Block.

All students will be able to participate in Half Block registration starting on 05/10/23.  Students may only sign up for one Half Block course for credit per academic year.

How do I access H Block courses in Add/Drop?

  1. Log into Banner or log into Stellic
  2. Locate and click on Add/Drop (found at the bottom of your Banner menu or under your Planner tab in Stellic)
  3. Select the term "Spring 2024" from the Term drop-down menu. (students will see blocks 5, 6, 7, and 8 but will NOT be able to sign up for these blocks until after Spring Preregistration in the Fall)
  4. Click the Search Class Schedule button and use the search filters menu if you need help locating the course reference number (CRN) for a course. Otherwise, enter the known 5-digit CRN. 
  5. Select your grade-track for the course from the Grading Track drop-down menu.
  6. Click the “Continue” button to review the course information for the submitted CRN.
  7. Click the “Add Course” or “Add to Waiting List” button to complete your registration. You will see the course updated to your schedule and a green confirmation window in the top-right corner of your screen that the course has been added.

Registration Tip: If you receive a prerequisite error on the course you are interested in or if the course itself has a “COI”, this means the consent from the Instructor listed on the course is required. This will come as a 6-letter combination from that faculty member directly which they can find on their Teaching Schedule in Banner. This 6-letter combination is what students will enter in the "Consent PIN" field.

Students are encouraged to work with their faculty and Hub advisors for planning assistance. Weekly reminders will be shared to the Digests and posted to the Registrar’s Office website in the weeks leading up to the opening of Half Block registration.

What happened to the full credit option?

During COVID, the College opened up additional for-credit offerings in the month of January which allowed students to sign up for courses that were worth a full-credit. These are no longer being offered as the College has returned back to the standard Spring term with half-credit course offerings only.

Where are dynamic half blocks located?

Dynamic half blocks are non-credit bearing course offerings made available through the Career Center. Take a look at the programs they offer by visiting their website.

An update to the grade track change policy was made at the Block 8 2023 Faculty Meeting. Per the new policy, "no change in the grading option is permitted after the next to last day of the block without extenuating circumstances."  Students have until the second to last day of the block or last Tuesday of the block to choose their grading option.

The former grade track change policy allowed students the first four days of the block to change grading tracks. The COVID extension policy was put into effect starting in Block 7, Spring 2020 giving students the ability to switch grade tracks until the last Tuesday of the block. This deadline was formally adopted as the new grade track change policy at the Block 8 2023 Faculty Meeting and is effective moving forward.

Students can select a course to be graded under the Letter Grades Track (G) or the Pass/Fail Track (S/CR/NC). Review the Credit and Grades Policy Here.

Students may choose to audit a course with permission from the teaching faculty member. No credit is awarded towards graduation but if completed successfully, will receive a posted transcript record with a (Z) grade. The approval to switch a course to an audit to avoid a failing mark will not be honored.

What happens @ 5pm on the last Tuesday?

Grade Track changes are disabled in Add/Drop...  at 5pm on the last Tuesday of the block, grade tracks are locked in and no further changes are allowed.

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