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Spring 2024 Block 8 Classroom Assignments

*Please Note* shifts in assignments can take place on days 1 and 2 as enrollments grow; please check Banner SSB for the most current classroom locations. 

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Moraine Valley

Course Formats Effective for the 21-22 AY, Blocks 1 through 5: PLAN A - IN-PERSON BY DEFAULT (UNLESS APPROVED OTHERWISE*)

The College had implemented a PLAN A and PLAN B approach to course formats for the 2021-22 academic year. By default, ALL Courses were taught under the Plan A approach until further notice was provided. For planning and preparation purposes, Plan B course formats were available and display under the Plan B/Mode column in the Course Schedule and also on student schedules for the duration of blocks 1 through 5 for planning purposes. As of block 6, these have been removed and are no longer displayed in Banner. For understanding of what these Plans outlined, please refer to the information below. 

*PLAN A: ALL courses will be taught IN-PERSON (requiring residency) unless noted otherwise. Alternative Plan A course formats may be approved on a case-by-case scenario. In these instances, the Plan B course format – which currently display under the Plan B/Mode column in the course schedule – will be replaced with one of the following:
  • PLAN A: HYBRID (some in-pers)
  • PLAN A:FLEX (mostly remote)
  • PLAN A:REMOTE (fully remote)
If a course format starts with “PLAN A:” under the Plan B/Mode column, this is the current effective teaching format for the course and has been approved by the College. 
PLAN BAll courses have been prepared with a back-up course format option in the event that health and safety measures require the College to adjust its course offerings. For the intention of planning purposes only, these formats are what currently display under the Plan B/Mode column in the Course Schedule as one of the following:
  • HYBRID (some elements in-pers)
  • FLEX (Mostly Remote)
  • REMOTE (Fully Remote)
If the College must implement Plan B, the effective message above will be adjusted and communication from the College will be shared. Until this is announced, please proceed with the awareness that courses are taught IN-PERSON unless approved otherwise as an alternative Plan A format. If a course format does not start with “PLAN A:” under the Plan B/Mode column, the format listed should be considered its Plan B approach.
About the Synchronicity Statements – In addition to the course format types (which allow students to select from courses based on their residency status should the College need to move to Plan B) further statements are provided for all courses for both Fall and Spring to help students understand the learning style of each course: Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • Synchronous Courses – This learning method refers to types of courses where the instructor and students are engaged in course lecture and assignments at the same time, in real-time.
  • Asynchronous Courses – This learning method refers to types of courses where the instructor has set up course lectures and assignments for students to access and engage when it best fits their schedules and are tied more to deadlines; not real-time.
With this understanding, please review the table below for further explanation about each definition:
Synchronocity Statement Percentage Definition
Synch: All Synch 100% Synchronous
Synch: Most Synch 65% - 95% Synchronous
Synch: Balanced 35% - 65% Synchronous
Synch: Most Asynch 65% - 95% Asynchronous
Synch: All Asynch 100% Asynchronous

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