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Grades Due Reminder sent on the last day of each block. This burst contains detailed grade entry instructions.

Grades Outstanding Report is reviewed on the first Wednesday after grades are due, and then weekly on Wednesdays.

Past Due Reminder will be sent on 2nd Wednesday after due date. 

Block:    Grades Due:

1            Oct. 4

2            Nov. 1

3            Dec. 6 (extended for fall break)

4            Jan. 10 (extended for winter break) Winter Grad Grades due TODAY

Half Block    Feb. 1  Winter Grad Grades due January 10

J Block    Feb. 8  Winter Grad Grades due January 10

5            Feb. 28

6            Apr. 4

7            May 2

8            May 18 Senior Grades Due 2:00 TODAY

8            Jun. 8 (All Students)

Grades of I (Incomplete) that will convert to NC if not extended:

Block:    Conversion Date:

1          Last day of block 4

2          Last day of block 5

3          Last day of block 6

4          Last day of block 7

Half/J Block  Last day of block 8

5            Last day block 8

6            Last day block 1

7            Last day block 2

8            Last day block 3

A, B, C    Last day block 3

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  • All class lists associated with your name (including Thesis and Independent Study) should be included in a PDF or spreadsheet file to be received via email Friday evening, before the block starts.
  • If you're anticipating more than one class list, please scroll through the file. The PDF and Excel files can have multiple tabs or pages.
  • If you're co-teaching a two-block class and this is not your block to teach,
    please disregard this email.
  • Waitlists are considered temporary registrations and are removed from student schedules shortly after the class lists are emailed; this attachment is your only record of reference for your waitlisted students! It's a good idea to print and have this available to refer to on the first day of instruction.
You may have had a student ask for your "consent of instructor pin". This is a 6-letter combination that is your electronic signature to the registration systems in Banner (Add/Drop and Preregistration) The COI PIN is what the systems will recognize as your permission to move forward with the registration change. All Faculty are assigned a PIN each semester they are teaching. You can find your PIN on your Faculty Services tab in Banner under "Your Teaching Schedule".
  • Once the block has begun, and only during day 1 & 2, you may choose to add students to your class.
  • Students adding your class after the block begins - even those added from your waitlist - are required to obtain instructor permission by COI PIN which is your instructor consent (located within your Teaching Schedule on the Faculty Menu)
  • Students only have day 1 & 2 of block to update their registration using Drop/Add in Banner. This process will:
    • Add your class and provide instant access to your Canvas page
    • Drop/Remove any existing class and its Canvas page; it will also send a drop confirmation notice to that instructor.
    • Adding a student directly on your Canvas does not complete the registration process and could jeopardize a student's ability to receive credit for your course; please direct the student to Banner with your COI PIN for proper registration practices. Banner has a backup feed to Canvas scheduled nightly; any adds directly to Canvas that don't match Banner registrations will be removed.

REMINDER: It is recommended to review your class roster carefully on day 1 and communicate to those students who have not updated their registration to do so by end of day 2. Students who register late (after day 2) should send an email to registrar@coloradocollege.edu and provide your COI PIN as proof of your permission to be in the course.

Thesis, Independent Studies, and Research Blocks are created off of an application process available on the Registrar's Office webpage under Forms.

The student will initiate this process by filling in their advisor and department chair contact (if needed) and following the appropriate instructions. Once the application has been completed and all approvals have been received, these are returned to the Registrar's Office for processing and placing on student's schedules for credit (and showing up on your Teaching Schedule!) We hope this makes it easier for students and faculty alike. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

In online classes, frequency and quality of interaction are key to evaluating student engagement. Rather than thinking about class attendance-which might be difficult if students are in different time zones or if they lack reliable technology or connectivity--think instead about student participation. Students should be participating in the course most days of the week in some way or another, and generally in a mix of different ways (depending on how your course has been set up). They will participate in online, asynchronous discussions, submit assignments, respond to communications sent about the class, participate in synchronous activities-all of which should all be considered as a means of evaluating a student's participation in the class.

You may want to consider adding some language to your syllabus about your late work and online participation policies in the event that students fall ill during the block. For example, the following language can be adapted to indicate to students how you'll work with them should they fall sick or be required to care for a family member who has become sick:

While the official late/participation policy is outlined below, please note that I will be flexible regarding deadlines for students who are experiencing illness or other challenges related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact me as early as possible if you think you may not be able to complete an assignment or participate in the course due to illness.

Canvas has some tools available to help you identify students whose participation in the course is low. Low participation is generally a flag for risk of failing the course in an online learning situation. In your Canvas course, on the home page, you can find a button that says "New Analytics." If you click it, you can select individual students from the dropdown menu at the top to see their average participation and average page view. Similarly, in Grades, if you click on a student name, you'll see a "card" open on the right side of your screen that will tell you the student's current grade, any missing assignments, and any late assignments as well as their participation compared to other students in the class.   

For additional support and resources, please check out the COVID-19 page or click here: Teaching and Learning Resources

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Adding or Dropping Classes and Waitlists BEFORE the start of the block

Students can add/drop or add to a waitlist at their convenience through Add/Drop online without a required instructor's consent unless the course requires a prerequisite or COI.

Course Waitlists

  • Faculty are sent their class rosters and waitlist rosters the Friday before the block starts. You may want to print a copy of your waitlist to have handy on Monday.
  • Waitlists for the starting block are dropped at 5pm the Friday before and will no longer be available on Banner. Please refer to your class list email for further instruction.
  • Waitlisted students are required to officially register through the add/drop program with your COI PIN.

Adding or Dropping AFTER the start of the block

Final class rosters are sent to all faculty teaching for the block on the Friday before the block starts. Once final rosters are sent out, students MUST do the following to Add or Drop a class for the upcoming block: 

  • ADD BY 2ND DAY OF BLOCK (1st Tuesday) - Students have until 5pm on the first Tuesday to swap courses. They will be required to enter your COI PIN (Consent of Instructor PIN) to confirm they've received your approval to join your course. Your COI PIN is under your Teaching Schedule in Banner
  • DROP BY 2ND TUESDAY OF BLOCK - Students have until 5pm on the second Tuesday from the start of the course to drop the block (taking a block off) and requires a Block Off Form initiated through the Advising Hub. Students can use Add/Drop to drop the course registration which sends a notification to the instructor of the dropped course and to the student's advisor(s) letting them know they have been removed from the course (students MUST complete a Block Off Form for official approval to take the block off)

Dropping a class DURING the block

  • Students have until the second Tuesday to drop a course registration through the add/drop system in Banner. Please note, this does not require your consent. Students MUST complete a Block Off Form through the Advising Hub for official approval on dropping the block.
  • A notification of this change (drop) is sent to the instructor of the dropped class and to the student's advisor(s).
  • AFTER the second Tuesday drop deadline, students can Petition for an Excused Grade, switch their grade-tracks to a pass/fail option, or discuss possibilities around incompletes to have an extension on submitting coursework. 

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